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This week’s CRO Site of the Week is

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What does the site do?

Pebble is a smart watch manufacturer, which makes them sound quite dull, whereas their branding and website oozes character and showcases the products brilliantly.

What does the site say they do?

“We have grown a lot — from one founder, to nine employees, to a team somewhere around 130 (depending on who is out sick). But we still make the same watch we thought was cool back in 2011. It is used for more things everyday and big and serious companies are partnering with us. But we are still Pebble. We are making a watch that people love using everyday.”

What does the site do well?

  • As soon as you hit the homepage you’re presented with a clean, flat design that makes you focus on the watch graphic and are slapped round the face by Pebble’s brand voice: intelligent, humble, witty, quirky.

  • Simple sticky navigation, for logical usability.
  • Unmissable Buy Now button (although below the fold on my screen, which is perfectly fine as long as it has been tested! Has it Pebble?)

  • Consummate use of flat, pixel graphics - a homage to 8-bit and bang on the money in terms of target audience.
  • Cool use of CTAs with the Check It Out buttons

  • Great use of illustration with succinct USPs, all providing the perfect value proposition - customisation and personalisation, as examples:

What else does the site do well?

  • Excellent fun poking at designer watches, again playing on the personalisation and customisable selling points of smart watches as a functional, lifestyle necessity.

  • Great use of the footer - something that more often than not is an after thought and lost opportunity for websites to coherently direct users to vital parts of the site that may be easily overlooked from a cluttered nav.
  • Also, note the down-to-earth tone of voice and link to Greenpeace. A nice touch, what with many tech companies taking themselves far too seriously, so hat tip to that!

  • Seamless transition from flat to realistic, providing contrast and interest that aids engagement.

What does the site not do so well?

There are a number of elements on the site that seem clickable but actually aren’t. E.g. on the homepage FITNESS TRACKING, NOTIFICATIONS, MUSIC CONTROL and DAYS OF BATTERY all look like clickable links. As does the arrow. Put click, heat and scroll maps in place to analyse user navigation. - TEST IT!

The Shop is a bit of a Turkey. For a start you can’t checkout using your smart watch (cheap shot)! Seriously though, there’s a lot of room for improvement here - for a start the currency was in Euros and I had to manually switch to Pounds. The layout is unconventional and there are too many fields. - TEST IT!

That said, this may well have been tested and may perform very well (Pebble, can you clarify?). OR, selling via the Pebble site may not be high up the business objectives list, with Pebble watches available from many electronics stores, department stores, amazon et al.

Congratulations Pebble, you’ve got a website full of character, wit and some lovely UX touches. Conversion Rate Optimisation would improve user experience further.




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