Alzheimers SocietyThe Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society

I’ve always been pretty active, but certainly more so in the last 18 months. I like to run, lift and cycle, but am now turning my hand - or rather feet - to climbing. After working out regularly with a … Continue reading

Marie Curie Daffodil Collection BoxGIVING4WARD™ £168 TO MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE

For most of us there will be a time in life when our families are helped by charities like Marie Curie Nurses – which provides in-house and in-hospice care across the UK, as well as a team of Marie Curie … Continue reading

air ambulance helicopterGIVING4WARD™ TO ESSEX AIR AMBULANCE

Most of us will have seen the canary-yellow Essex Air Ambulance buzzing around the skies of Essex but how many times have you stopped and wondered about where they might be going, whose lives they might be saving and how … Continue reading

Giving4Ward to St Helena HospiceGIVING4WARD™ TO ST HELENA HOSPICE

February is famous of course for love, and being generous towards our loved ones. So, there probably couldn’t be a more appropriate beneficiary of this month’s Giving4Ward™ donation of £140, than St Helena Hospice. A local charity that has in … Continue reading

Colchester League of FriendsGIVING4WARD™ TO CLH&CF

GIVING4WARD™ To Colchester League of Hospitals & Community Friends What better way to start the year than to help a local charity? Well, High Position has done just that and is set to hand over a Giving4Ward™ donation of £150 … Continue reading

Time to get social2014 Marketing Plans - Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

With the Christmas break fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of that knottiest of problems - your 2014 marketing plans.  It can often be a lonely task, so I asked High Position’s Head of Business Development, Dave Roscoe, for … Continue reading

Connected Plait ImageGet Connected & Feel The Discomfort

I was a finalist in the business awards recently… <cough> I may have mentioned that one or two times … okay I admit it I mentioned it ‘ad nauseum’ to anyone who would listen!  But my ego-boost-bragging aside, I have … Continue reading

Colchester_MIND_logoGiving4ward™ to Colchester MIND

December is here and 2013 is coming to a close - but with it comes the latest Giving4ward™ charity donation. During November we are thrilled to report that we managed to collect £152.00 for our latest beneficiary - Colchester MIND ( … Continue reading

highposition-mogowithglasses‘Tis the season of giving

At High Position we make a real effort to give back and drum up donations for local and national charities – from donating a portion of our invoices each month to stuffing our faces with charity cupcakes. With Christmas fast … Continue reading

Brainwave_LogoOur Giving4ward™ Scheme exceeds £1000 donated…

The team at High Position have got another busy charity month ahead - not only are we supporting the national charity event of “Movember” we are also very proud to announce that we are giving another Giving4ward™ donation! This month … Continue reading