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Interactive Content Marketing

Capture the attention of your audience
and win brand loyalty

Content is evolving and so will the expectations of your market

You may be familiar with the phrase "Content is King" in the latest age of digital marketing, but what does this actually mean? Our interpretation of this is that an intricate content strategy should be at the heart of digital marketing – making sure you deliver the best possible experience to your audience. Delivering content that’s not just for search engines and takes people on a journey, leaving a lasting impression. With this in mind – ask yourself, will your audience be bowled over by a page of words, or will your brand win their loyalty with an interactive, engaging piece of content that they remember and want to share with their peers?

Like with any marketing strategy, there is no "one size fits all" solution: It is essential that brands put audiences on a pedestal and plan content around them. Whilst football fans might enjoy an all-singing, all-dancing club history page with a built-in game element, an industry specific, in-depth white-paper might hit the spot for an IT Department lining up their next tender requirements.

Working with a plethora of clients in different markets and industries, High Position has a team of digital experts that unleash their creativity and devise winning content strategies appropriately tailored to provide valuable, purposeful content. With this approach, interactive content can add value to any brand!

  • Attract attention to your brand and your market proposition
  • Stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the competition
  • Provide a positive experience that’s memorable and improves loyalty
  • Encourage natural engagement with sharable content
“To build meaningful relationships with your customers it is important they have a great experience with your brand. Innovative online content strengthens this relationship and builds brand advocates.”
Tom Jepson - Head of SEO

Interactive Video

As online video viewing and integration into sites becomes more and more popular, audience expectations will also evolve. Some brands may assume it is beyond their reach to buy into professional, interactive videos that have the potential to go viral. However, this is changing – with the offering of interactive video content from High Position. Briefed by your digital account managers – who understand your brand and your audience – we work with video editing professionals to create short, interactive videos that will leave your audience wanting more.

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