GACPimage1Universal Analytics - GACP Summit Day 1 Announcements

We’re GACP and proud! We here at High Position have been GACP partners for the last 4 years. Once again, two intrepid members of  our team are braving the wonderous sunrise view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and struggling through … Continue reading

Renaissance SEOAre We Entering the Renaissance of SEO?

A few weeks ago I was sat in a fairly small and stuffy room of digital marketing types in London as some great SEO minds pitched to us, the willing audience, the idea of authorship and the power it will … Continue reading

GACPRobotHigh Position Hit Google Global HQ In California

Two of our top geeks are in transit to Google’s Global HQ for the Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit, send us your questions to put to Google. Continue reading

click-farmClick Farms - How Scary Can They Be?

Whenever I hear the term Click Farm I cannot help but imagine a long line of greedy, evil hens peering over the tops of custom-made laptops with hatred in their eyes as they sit and repetitively click on PPC adverts … Continue reading

MattCuttsContentMaking Content Your Crowning Glory

As Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, chats guest blogging and links, stating more of the obvious - I am going to take a look at why content is [and always will be] King, and how you can polish that … Continue reading

Google DisavowGoogle Announce the Launch of their Disavow Link Tool

Speaking at Pubcon yesterday Matt Cutts announced the launch of the long awaited and widely anticipated disavow link tool within Google Webmaster Tools. Although they are late to the party [Bing got in there first], it is music to the … Continue reading

Holy-GrailLong Tail Keywords and the Search for the Holy Grail of PPC

Understanding your product and anticipating what your audience search for is the Holy Grail of PPC account management. If you get these two things right then success will come your way. Sounds simple? Well it is and it isn’t. If … Continue reading

google_display_networkRemarketing – Stay engaged with your target audience

What is Remarketing Remarketing is the relatively new intelligent way to use the Google Display Network. In the current economic climate a lot of people use the internet to search for bargains whilst also using the internet to consume a … Continue reading

google-algorithm-history-thumbnailGoogle Algorithm History

At High Position our technical search team are continually researching and monitoring changes within search and, with 500+ Google algorithm changes each year, that’s no easy feat! Most algorithmic changes are minor and go unnoticed to the untrained eye, but … Continue reading

Google Refresh The Page Layout Algorithm

It does kind of feel like we have been locked in the stocks and pelted with flurry of ripe Google updates and algorithmic search changes over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday Google again rolled up its algorithmic sleeve and … Continue reading