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High Position - Working With Charities

At High Position we make it our business to improve client's businesses through ethical and principled systems and processes within the area of online digital marketing. We pride ourselves on the fact that what we do enables existing businesses to grow and new start-up businesses to establish themselves. These success stories are then able to put something back into the community by way of employment and all the benefits that go along with that.

This ethos is also evident in the relationships that we have built up over the years with many charities. At High Position we are proud of our association with our partnered Charities. We have helped charities apply for Google Grants and managed those accounts in the same way we would handle any other clients... so that they get the best possible return from their PPC investment.

We've worked with several charities over the years, helping them grow their online presence and get the most from the Google Grant system, here are a few examples, you can also find out more details by reading our up to date blog post

How Do Google Grants Work?

  • Google Grants offer charities up to £6,000 per month to spend on Google Adwords
  • Google Grants are available to all registered charities
  • Ads delivered through Google AdWords appear on Google search pages for chosen keywords like 'charity worker' and 'charity donations'
  • People search for your keywords and see your ad
  • They click your ad and visit your site
  • Your web traffic increases and, ideally, so do donations, volunteer numbers and, well whatever else you want to measure really!
“Thank you Martin. Now that we have been approved I look forward to working alongside you. It will sure be interesting to show the impact of digital marketing in the Third Sector World.”

How Can High Position Help Your Charity

  • We'll explain what Google Grants could mean to you
  • We'll help you through the application process
  • We'll help you set up an account
  • We'll help you arrive at a strategy with a goal in mind
  • We'll maximise your Google Grant so that it makes the best possible impact on your web statistics

Many of the charities we have worked with were not even aware of Google Grants and how they could benefit from getting involved. We've helped those charities through the application process and then assisted them in adopting a strategy that enables them to generate regular traffic to their website. It's what we do!

"Not only have you saved us a huge amount of time because we're far from experts but the charity will save money... and will generate additional money and enquiries - thank you so much!"
Paul Rushton,

Could Your Charity Use £6,000 to Spend Online Every Month?

If you're interested in hearing more about what we can do to help your Charity get involved in this altruistic enterprise we'd love to hear from you.

Call or contact one of our team and let's get started today!

Charities We Are Working With

Medequip4kids Stepping Stones Nigeria Wheel Power

"By having a google grant and the wonderful support from Martin Roche at HP group it means we can move with the times. [...] we are getting more enquiries for volunteering opportunities.
The exposure to our charity has been immensely increased. Thank you!"
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