piccasso biggsGood Designers Copy; Great Designers Steal - How To Get Design Inspiration

The famous Picasso quote: “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal” has never been more relevant in today’s digital age. With over 7 billion people in this world and billions of ideas searchable on the world wide web, you can learn … Continue reading

Don't Make Me ThinkWorking as a Front-end developer in 2015 – interests, fundamentals and theory

So, just before Christmas I decided to clear out what had become quite an excessive design and dev magazine/book collection. Years of build-up stretching back to my uni days, for long enough hidden from view, had begun to overflow into … Continue reading

Web Designer SEO 101Web Designer SEO 101

Rule One: SEO is not a Dark Art Many designers think that SEO is a magic black box of Darkness - or at least those who do it are wizards or something equally enigmatic. How many new Designers/Front-end Developers have … Continue reading

what is Content Marketing?What is Content Marketing? And 15 Other Essential Content Questions (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second part in my content marketing essentials series, for those who missed part one I covered some core content marketing principles, like “what is it?”, ‘why you need it’ and ‘what types of content to produce’ among … Continue reading

what is Content Marketing?What is Content Marketing? And 15 Other Essential Content Questions (Part 1)

Whether you’ve been in the digital marketing world for years or just stumbled upon it over the last few months, there’s no doubt that you’ll have come across the phrase ‘content marketing’ at one time or another. There are many … Continue reading

gspThe Similarities Between Content Marketing and Ultimate Fighting

Content Marketing Inspiration Comes In Many Shapes and Sizes, Including The Octagon and Welterweight, explains Digital Designer, Gavin Hyam. I get the train to work every day, 30 minutes in, 30 minutes out. I live in a lovely part of … Continue reading

Personal Values VaryYUPPIES? WOOPIES? Or maybe DINKIES? - How would you describe your customers?

Most of us marketing folk will have heard of YUPPIES, WOOPIES and DINKIEs and this month’s latest persona acronym is the much loved “YOLDie” – i.e. Young Old Person. A lot of organisations will embrace an awareness of these marketing … Continue reading

containerB-to-B: Rocking the Content Marketing Hootenanny

Companies offering business-to-business products and services can suffer from image problems. If modern digital content marketing was a party (and many hold that it is), you’d be forgiven for expecting to find the B2Bers standing awkwardly in the hallway, subjecting … Continue reading

spiderKeyword Research Strategy: Use all your Senses

For centuries, boffins have asked: When we look out on the world, do we see things as they really are, or are we limited to only what we see and hear (and smell) as representations of an unknowable reality? SEOs … Continue reading

Capture those IdeasCapturing Blog Ideas the Easy Way

So, you’ve got to write a blog post, whether it’s for your personal blog, your company’s or perhaps you’re writing a guest article or column for another site. For experienced and inexperienced writers alike, one of the most agitating scenarios is not … Continue reading