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This week Richard Price runs his eye over Grovemade and explains what makes them a worthy winner of High Position’s CRO Site of the Week. Like always, winners of this prestigious award will be notified by HP’s Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket and be rewarded for their excellence with something from the CRO Drawer. Nominations can also be tweeted so please share and get involved!

What does the site do?

Grovemade offers a selection of high quality cases, covers and docks for Apple and general notebook products. What distinguishes Grovemade from other, similar sellers is the high quality of individual craftsmanship that goes into every product.

What does the site say they do?

“We are a family of creators - close knit and a little crazy - handcrafting goods at out workshop in Portland, Oregon. We love what we do, and when work matters, it just keeps getting better. Our process is uncompromising, because we believe every product is a representation of who we are.”

What does the site do well?

  • It would be no exaggeration to say that the imagery is beautiful. The homepage is a real joy and makes for a very engaging landing page
  • The minimalist design speaks to the niche, exclusive quality of the products on offer
  • Although not immediately obvious, the entirety of the homepage is essentially a call to action. Clicking anywhere on the image takes you to the respective product listing page

  • The ‘Collections’ page again makes fantastic use of imagery to categorise products by their respective materials and themes
  • This page also makes use of some clear and consistent calls to action

  • Attractive, simple and easily navigable product listing pages

  • Clean, concise product pages that again make full use of imagery while also offering relevant information such as the materials involved in construction and the exact dimensions of the product
  • There’s no zoom function but the selection of images allows you to view different angles of the product as well as different states of use which can be helpful for things like phone and Ipad cases

Clean and crisp product pages with a real emphasis on the product itself

  • I do like a well implemented blog and Grovemade is another website that makes excellent use of consistent, relevant blog content to supplement and enhance the website’s presence
  • There is some excellent social interaction, with activity across the site’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages

What does the site not do so well?

  • I’m not a fan of the grey font/white background combination as it’s not particularly engaging and at times can be hard to read. This is especially true on product pages, where important product information isn’t emphasised and be easily overlooked - TEST IT!

  • Grovemade have worked with some huge companies like Nike, Google and Youtube. Unfortunately this information is hidden away at the bottom of the corporate page and there are no case studies or testimonials to support this. Moving and adding this content to a more prominent area of the site could really help sell the Grovemade brand to users - TEST IT!

This client list is pretty impressive so it’s a shame it’s so hard to find and there isn’t any more information!

  • The page footer feels like a real missed opportunity. Admittedly not every user will scroll down this far but it can be a good place to add some additional calls to action and relevant links - TEST IT!

Congratulations Grovemade! Your site makes fantastic use of imagery, which makes for a welcoming and very professional shopping experience. With a couple of CRO tests I think you could make things even more engaging and add to the great content you already have.



Enjoy your reward, straight from the CRO drawer!

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