20181042_BG11How to Prepare Your PPC Campaigns for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday originated in America as a clever marketing ploy originally devised when online shopping was on the rise. Falling on the Monday after Thanksgiving it encouraged continued online spend by customers already caught up in the retail madness of … Continue reading

google-social-bannerTakeaways from “Let’s talk social with Agencies”

Last Friday we had the opportunity to attend “Let’s Talk Social with Agencies” - an event hosted by Google at their London offices. Along with the great hospitality, Google didn’t fail to deliver on useful tips, insights and suggestions on … Continue reading

run santaChristmas Landing Pages - Put The Decorations Up

Go into any high street store during December and you’ll be left in no doubt that it is well and truly ‘the silly season’. There’s guaranteed to be Christmas decorations and offers placed in every possible location. Let’s face it, … Continue reading

Knowledge GraphThe Evolution of Knowledge Graph

In May 2012 Google unveiled one of the most significant changes to search, the Knowledge Graph. I recently published a post on the Search Engine People blog discussing the importance of Knowledge Graph, how it works and various types of … Continue reading

% Socially Assisted ConversionsSocial’s Influence on e-Commerce? Big returns or big waste of time?

“Does social media really affect my business and the shopping habits of my customers?” A question many companies are trying to answer right now, in this new world of talking directly to your audience online, can you afford not to … Continue reading

Waiting for the doors to openGoogle Partners Launch Event

I’ve been to quite a few Google organised events in the last five years and they never fail to surprise and thrill me, yesterday’s Google Partners Launch was no exception. In fact it raised the bar, in more ways than … Continue reading

twitter adsPromoted Tweets Launched for SMB’s

Twitter has now launched Promoted Tweets and Account Promotion for SMB’s /SME’s (Small and medium-sized businesses). After Twitter entered the stock market it was clear it would not be long until they started to monetise more areas of the business. … Continue reading

SweatShopFeatureCRO Site Of The Week: Sweat Shop

This week High Position’s Marketing Manager, Rachael Bilby, takes a look at www.sweatshop.co.uk. As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified by High Position Head of CRO, James … Continue reading

Google PartnerGoogle Partners to Replace Google Certification Program

That’s no Certification Program, it’s a replacement I can feel a great disturbance across the internet, as if millions of Adwords users have cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Ok it might not be quite as dramatic as … Continue reading

OK GoogleBlogging is Your Business (Part 2) - How a Blog Can Help Your Business in Search

In the first of this duo of post I looked at what a blog can mean for your audience and the way it can build your brand and reputation the right way. In the second part we’ll be looking at … Continue reading