We Wish You A Very HP Christmas!

In this final post of our Online Marketing Advent Calendar, we were debating how to go out with a big finish. But as we are collating all of our 24 posts into a compendium of digital strategy for 2013, we … Continue reading

simplesDon’t Waste Time With Confusing CRO Tests – Analyse Then Hypothesise

Step away from the fun stuff, roll your sleeves up and get down and dirty with Google Analytics. The hypotheses of CRO tests are often blurred and I put that down to either a lack of Analytics analysis or a … Continue reading

segmenting-your-usersGA Segmentation Tips: Find Your Best Customers!

On the face of it, Google Analytics can be bit daunting for new users who aren’t analytically minded. There’s a lot of data at your fingertips but, unless you know how to use it, you might be making poor decisions … Continue reading

billybobHold on to Your Hats. The Google Merchant Centre Feed is Changing in the UK

Don’t Panic! Google Shopping is changing – but we are here to help! The end is nigh for free product listings on Google. From February 13th 2013, Google will start migrating existing Merchant Centre feeds to a commercial model, with … Continue reading

The art of link building 2013The Art Of Link Building 2013

As most of you will know, the Panda and Penguin updates were implemented by Google as a means to reduce webspam - and it worked, mostly. While Panda targeted ‘thin’ webpage content, the dreaded Penguin targeted ‘linkspam’ and, due to … Continue reading

AssistedConversionsinGAMeasuring Social’s Impact To Your Website

So you’ve secured your social channels, you’ve branded them, and your content strategy is ready to go. You’ve spent a lot of time developing your social campaign, but how do you measure its success? Social is a notoriously fickle medium, … Continue reading

Pitching High Position to CameraClear and ‘Presentation Skills’ Danger!

HP Team Put Through Presentation Skills Paces Things like presentation skills training and media handling is often not publicised by many companies, but as you maye have realised, we are not most companies! We are pretty good at presenting and … Continue reading

Disavow Links ToolGoogle Disavow Links Tool - Some Long Awaited Clarity?

The disavow tool was hugely anticipated when it was rolled out in October and since then the general feeling surrounding it has been of confusion and disappointment. One of the biggest issues behind the tool is how you use it, how … Continue reading

Gary ColemanGlocalisation: It Takes Diff’rent Strokes To Move The World

The internet, amongst other things, is a portal for people all over the world to experience the cultures of others without having to leave the comfort of our own culture. It gives us the opportunity to explore the distinct ways … Continue reading

For this client we can clearly see that the weekends are not an optimal time to be running adsClearer Insights Today - 4 Free Custom Reports

If like me you spend half of your waking hours staring at Google Analytics then you’ll know that GA doesn’t have many of the reports you would like it to. I get asked daily about finding key information that isn’t … Continue reading