Facebook Hand4 Social Targets For 2014 (and what to measure)

There are 2 things that can be considered crucial for business when it comes to social media. 2 aspects that when combined can provide real insight in to your customers minds, and benefits for your business - but before I … Continue reading

Motorola AM31802014 - The Year of Mobile Optimisation

15 years is a long time but I can vividly remember Christmas 1998 as the year when I bought my first mobile phone at the ripe age of 16, the Motorola AM3180; there it is over there on the right … Continue reading

Time to get social2014 Marketing Plans - Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

With the Christmas break fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of that knottiest of problems - your 2014 marketing plans.  It can often be a lonely task, so I asked High Position’s Head of Business Development, Dave Roscoe, for … Continue reading

Moz tour pageCRO Site of the Week: Moz

This week High Position’s Head of CRO, James Root, takes a look at Moz. As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified via twitter. Nominations can also be tweeted … Continue reading

Chunk GooniesCRO and Content Marketing: Content Is Chun-King

So everyone’s still talking about content marketing. This buzzword has the digital marketing world all a-quiver and while it has its advocates (and its adversaries), you can’t knock the idea of creating genuinely relevant, useful and engaging content to enhance … Continue reading

algo_timelineBeing Visible Online - Without Page One, Position One

Search has changed a lot over the last few years – and 2013 was no exception. With the numerous Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the Hummingbird algorithm, the move towards encrypted search and the evolution of the knowledge graph, capturing … Continue reading

when_your_fans_are_onlineGet smart with your social media

In the excitement of getting online it’s easy to let social fall by the wayside. Far too often a social profile is registered and left to become a list of last-minute links to company press releases with no thought given … Continue reading

Google Semantic SearchGoogle Semantic Search - an Interview With David Amerland

The world of SEO has been a ceaseless moving beast over the last few years, so much so it has prompted many shifts and changes within the tactics websites need to use in order to gain that all-important visibility. Behind a … Continue reading

Doubleclick for GoogleDoubleClick Search - What are the benefits of DoubleClick

So you have spent all year restructuring your Adwords account, you have a huge Adwords account that has hundreds of campaigns, hundreds of Ad groups and thousands of keywords. On top of that you have started to make a bit … Continue reading

Connected Plait ImageGet Connected & Feel The Discomfort

I was a finalist in the business awards recently… <cough> I may have mentioned that one or two times … okay I admit it I mentioned it ‘ad nauseum’ to anyone who would listen!  But my ego-boost-bragging aside, I have … Continue reading