This isn't my Title!How to fix Google+ not displaying Social Meta properly / Google+ Snippet Title Bug

I’ve had this issues a couple of times now so I’ve decided to put together a post on how to fix it as there must be others out there also experiencing this frustrating situation. What exactly am I talking about? … Continue reading

Google HummingbirdNew Google Hummingbird Algorithm

At Google’s 15th Birthday event yesterday we were given some juicy tidbits about the changing world of search and how it might effect us - the users. Aside from some great strides towards Semantic Search including further developments in “conversational … Continue reading

not provided 100 prediction(Not Provided) - Google’s World of Encrypted Search

Privacy has been a massive talking point recently, some of the largest internet giants have been under ever-increasing scrutiny for their laissez faire attitude towards data and privacy. If that wasn’t enough, the conspiracy theorist’s jackpot PRISM, saw the NSA able … Continue reading

Baul Baul2The Christmas Countdown Has Begun

Only 100 Days To Go! Forgive us for mentioning the “C” word so soon after a pretty decent summer! However, with the 100 day marker arriving, there is no better time to step your Pay Per Click advertising up a gear … Continue reading

emma cheque handover smallerHomeless Charity Eammaus is next Giving4ward™ Beneficiary

Another month passes and another Giving4ward™ donation amount has been calculated. This month our chosen charity is Emmaus Colchester ( Emmaus is an organisation which allows people who have lost their homes to help themselves. In return for a home and … Continue reading