black_white_and_grey_all_overWhat’s Black, White and Grey All Over?

The debate about the differences in black hat and white hat SEO is one which will always rage, so long as SEO continues to exist. I have just given a talk at Suffolk Internet Marketing & SEO/M Specialists (SIMSS) about … Continue reading

Figaro Digital Marketing Conference 2013Insights from the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference 2013

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Figaro Digital Marketing Conference at The Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park, London. The agenda was jam packed full of presentations from a variety of prestigious brands and digital marketing … Continue reading

Google Enhanced Campaigns – Your Final Warning!

Without doubt the hot topic in the world of Google AdWords the past few months has been Enhanced Campaigns. Here at High Position we’ve covered the topic from day one, having been invited to a presentation at Google HQ London … Continue reading

google panda 26Google Panda Now More “Finely Targeted” – New Update Confirmed

It’s happened again, Google have confirmed another update to the Panda Algorithm. Back in March Google announced an end to the confirmation of Panda updates, the theory being that it would become a rolling process and less jolting than it … Continue reading

Data, y u no big?Help! My data has a size complex!

Big data: it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. Big data will solve all your problems! You have some big data right? Out the back? I think it’s in that box under Sarah’s desk. First … Continue reading

E-Mail Tracking - You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong

If you’ve ever sent out an email or a newsletter to your clients, I hope you tracked the links through Google Analytics! Now this is the point where people usually say “no, but we tracked it using this other software … Continue reading

Logo No SheepDon’t Be An SEO Sheep

tablet-transIs Mobile Traffic Replacing The Desktop?

You’ve probably heard the hype around Mobile website traffic lately, every time we visit Google they go on and on about smartphones. We’ve been ramping up our mobile efforts for over a year already, but we’ve been wondering lately, what … Continue reading


This week we take a look at the Beatport website. As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified by High Position Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket. … Continue reading

PrimePlace Postcard VerificationHow to Set Up Bing Places for a UK Local Business

Last week I read this great post by Amanda DiSilvestro of HigherVisibility on getting started with Bing Places, providing an excellent in-depth walk-through detailing how to configure a Bing Places (formerly Bing Business Portal) listing for your business. It’s a … Continue reading