Saucony LogoCRO Site of the Week - Saucony

This week we a look at Saucony’s microsite for the Kinvara 3 running shoe. As the winners of this award, they will be notified via Twitter by High Position Head of CRO, James Root (@RootToMarket) and will receive something from the … Continue reading

tigerProduct Listing Ads Change Back to Google Shopping

  This week, Google have changed ‘Product Listing Ad Campaigns‘ to ‘Shopping’ in AdWords (kind of). And with the change, comes a much easier way of working with Product Listing Ads. Rejoice! Normally, I fear change. But this was actually … Continue reading

This is Gordon.Capture Impulse Buyers With Mobile Optimised PPC Landing Pages

This is the story of a man. A man looking for something. A man on an epic journey through the interwebs. A man named Gordon. It’s late. The wind is whistling through the trees, and the rain is lashing at … Continue reading

LogoCRO Site of the Week - Qwertee

Every week High Position’s CRO/UX team analyse a website that has stood out from the crowd. We like websites that are easy to use and encompass innovative features to enhance and enrich user experience - this week Richard Price runs … Continue reading

Giving4Ward to St Helena HospiceGIVING4WARD™ TO ST HELENA HOSPICE

February is famous of course for love, and being generous towards our loved ones. So, there probably couldn’t be a more appropriate beneficiary of this month’s Giving4Ward™ donation of £140, than St Helena Hospice. A local charity that has in … Continue reading