wheres-the-buttonUX – Don’t be a Wally, User Test!

Often, there can be so much focus on the visuals of an interface design that we lose sight of how a user will interact with it. Leaving something as crucial as this as an afterthought will inevitably lead to more … Continue reading

piccasso biggsGood Designers Copy; Great Designers Steal - How To Get Design Inspiration

The famous Picasso quote: “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal” has never been more relevant in today’s digital age. With over 7 billion people in this world and billions of ideas searchable on the world wide web, you can learn … Continue reading

Don't Make Me ThinkWorking as a Front-end developer in 2015 – interests, fundamentals and theory

So, just before Christmas I decided to clear out what had become quite an excessive design and dev magazine/book collection. Years of build-up stretching back to my uni days, for long enough hidden from view, had begun to overflow into … Continue reading