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This week’s CRO Site of the Week is

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What does the site do?

flic is a wireless shortcut button that can be programmed to perform any smart device action at the click - or flic (sic) - of a button.

What does the site say they do?

“Control your smart home with a flic. Flic is integrated with your home automation tools. With just one click, you can turn your lights on, raise the room temperature  and turn on your favorite playlist.”

What does the site do well?

  • For an innovative product you’re left with little doubt as to what flic is as soon as you hit the homepage, with 6 clear options: watch video; share on Facebook or Twitter (not entirely sure why the user would want to at this stage though); Pre-Order; or learn more about the product by either clicking a nav link or scrolling.

flic homepage

  • Scrolling through the homepage provides immediate insight into the product, its uses and its lifestyle benefits, with well devised, illustrative graphics.

flic homepage ii

flic homepage iii

What else does the site do well?

  • flic positions itself as a cool product that can provide functional solutions to #firstworldproblems, like taking group photos.

flic homepage v

  • The idea that flic can be used for personal safety is a great use of this technology; showcased via another excellent graphic:

  • Scrolling further through the homepage (I say ‘homepage’ but is a one-page site - more on that later) you’re encountered with a highly effective ‘how to’ graphic:

flic homepage vii

  • A beautiful photo of the components that flic comprises is a lovely touch, with enough info to keep you interested, but not too much to turn you off (excuse the pun):

What does the site not do so well?

The Pricing section is a bit of a mess; the copy would benefit from being more succinct and the layout of the different pricing options is ragged to say the least and not in keeping with the rest of this excellent website. Asymmetrical framing should be tested here. - TEST IT!

flic homepage pricing

flic has received some impressive PR, according to this graphic, but I want to click the publication brand and read the reviews before purchasing. Why shout about your excellent work but not allow potential customers to read the praise?

flic pr

Most alarmingly, the site, built using AngularJS, is a one page site - negating huge visibility opportunities within search engines - and has a lot of room for improvement in terms of navigating between different areas. And there is no canonicalisation.

I’m surprised Google has even indexed the content, but this just shows how sophisticated they’re getting when it comes to rendering JavaScript. Oh, and there is also a broken link in the footer (How it works). N.B: use intalyse to monitor broken links.

*Pedant Alert* The Meet the team section is effective in expressing the character and the brains behind the brand/product, but there’s a missing word in the copy. It’s imperative that on-page content is professionally written, with no typos, grammatical errors or missing words.flic team

Finally, Social sharing has not been pre-populated:

flic tweet

Will this put users off sharing? Can they be bothered to write their own message when sharing? Test it and see! flic should at least have their Twitter handle pre-populated in the tweet for branding and monitoring purposes.

Despite these weak areas, is a beautiful website that showcases its product effectively: an all-round excellent design! Conversion Rate Optimisation would improve user experience, so get testing! Congratulations flic, you’ve won a CRO Site of the Week badge! We’ll send it all the way to Sweden to you - get in touch!

croSOTW crop


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