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Achieving Natural Visibility Where It Matters

Looking at the bigger SEO picture. Not just "Page 1, Position 1".

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a forever changing, evolving landscape that keeps the strongest of digital marketers on their toes. Yet, the objective of organisations investing in SEO remains constant – to achieve the best organic visibility within search engines.

That's right, a natural, page-one position within Google is a very desirable place to be - and stay once you get there. Being one of the UK’s first successful SEO agencies, it’s High Position’s legacy to be passionate about delivering the best organic results for clients and that’s still a massive part of what we do today.

At High Position we believe that SEO is just one part of a
successful online brand and for the best results, an overarching
digital marketing campaign is needed to integrate all digital
campaigns together. That’s why our SEO & SEM strategies are content lead and work harmoniously with PPC, CRO, Social Media, Email and all the other elements of digital marketing.

So, why is SEO so different today?

Put simply, search engines have a mission to match the most valuable results to a user’s search queries – otherwise, people might start searching the web elsewhere. Simple.

This means, Google is constantly battling against spammy search results that put off their users, so, on their own Google makes at least 500 algorithmic changes each year. Some changes will be bigger and uglier than others causing visibility tidal waves – aka Penguin and Panda in 2012-13. But some changes will be so subtle that not even a ripple of discussion is caused within SEO circles. Therefore, one of High Position’s greatest lessons within search is to stop worrying about what’s working today and focus on preparing for tomorrow.

What about Google Penalties?

Over the past twelve months, the SEO industry has witnessed the crash of what once were very powerful organic brands, including brands big and small, niche and mass market. The roll out of some very significant algorithm updates over 2012-13 saw one of the biggest industry shake ups to date as historic back link profiles, that had once been effective, became penalised by Google - removing brands from their hard earnt page one positions.

With our expertise and history in SEO, we have used our technical knowhow to our advantage and have developed an intense Link Removal service that will effectively rid back link profiles of toxic links before a resubmission to Google – with penalties being lifted in as little as one month. To find out more about these link removal options, please visit our disavow clinic.

Where does today’s success come from?

Being a technology and research based agency, High Position are testing and adapting SEO strategy all the time, but to summarise what is at the heart of SEO strategy today, you need to remember that age old SEO buzz-phrase “content is king”.

Content has always been king, but never has that been so true than it is today. But we’re not talking about any old content...

An SEO Service with a creative edge...

Creating content that makes organisations proud to share it, brings value to users that consume it and carries enough credibility that it earns links itself is at the heart of all our SEO campaigns - no matter what the client does or sells online.

We have a very creative, intelligent and passionate team of Account Managers that work with industry specific copywriters to drive user lead content strategies. These work hand in hand with technical fine tuning which is looked after by our team of clued up digital marketing “geeks” to make sure your site is as SEO friendly as it can be.

2014 has also seen our most radical investment yet – High Position have employed a team of creative programmers, designers and researchers who are producing mind-blowing interactive content as we speak. To find out more, visit their world, better known as ICE Viral.

An SEO Service Nurtured by Research & Technical Excellence

Together our SEO objectives today are to optimise a site’s structure and crawlability whilst building trust, authority, loyalty and brand love with creative, valuable and relevant content. And, we can’t do this without our industry leading team of Technical SEO Consultants – the geeks of High Position – who nurture and guide our SEO process. With careful analysis of industry news and “leaks” from top SEO bods, plus learning from our own research and development, we are very confident in our technical knowledge. Each client is assigned to one of our Technical Consultants, who run audits and prioritise recommendations making sure your site is as technically sound as it could be – we even have development resource to help make some of the most complex technical recommendations a possibility.

An SEO service with a Local/International focus

Local optimisation has always been a priority within High Position’s SEO processes, tailoring strategies to each client – from those with multiple small-town local locations, to brands seeking an international presence across multiple search engine locations.

With the recent updates and advances in Google’s local listings – Google My Business – and Bing’s local listing management, High Position have researched the best ways to optimise these listings to ensure your business achieves a strong local presence – on whatever scale your organisation is working towards.

An SEO Service that Stretches Beyond Organic Rankings

High Position’s, SEO success is achieved through a multi-faceted approach, by developing a strategy that is built around the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

We understand the power and importance of knowledge share, local strategy, embracing social media, aligning other on/offline campaigns and most importantly, ensuring the right data is available to measure progress and fine tune our activities as we go.

By combining this with traditional SEO activities, developing creative content and growing your brand presence on social platforms, our aim is to build brand visibility across a number of platforms – not just what shows in organic search results.

Get in touch with our digital marketing experts to find out more about our integrated SEO services.

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