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This week High Position’s Marketing Manager, Rachael Bilby, takes a look at As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified by High Position Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket. Nominations can also be tweeted so please share and get involved!

 “Born in the heart of London’s Notting Hill, Sweaty Betty has been ensuring style meets performance in women’s fitness clothing for over 13 years. The aim is to ‘inspire women to find empowerment through fitness’.”

Sweaty Betty Homepage Image

What does the site do?

This recently relaunched site sells women’s fitness clothing, which has grown from a central purpose to “Inspire women to find empowerment through fitness”. A London based brand, reaching out and delivering clothes and accessories across the world, Sweaty Betty promotes their core fitness beliefs and uses the look and feel of the site to share these messages with their users as they browse lines and become inspired… to be empowered and buy a new gym wardrobe!

What does the site say they do?

Unlike most e-commerce sites Sweaty Betty makes as much effort to educate and inspire people as they do to sell their products, by:

  • Explaining sizes and how to buy the perfect size
  • Explaining what to wear for what exercise
  • Showing users the key looks of the season for different activities
  • Explaining how they design and test products and what this means to the user
  • Encouraging users and customers to get involved in their community events and projects
  • Sharing style, fitness and life tips as well as their favourite music playlists


What does the site do well?

  • The site features stunning action/catalogue shots which have easy to buy pop outs of product information

Sweaty Betty Catalogue Page

  • Category pages also have a convenient roll-over-the-reveal-model feature for maximum browsing experience
Sweaty Betty Category Page

What else the site does well…

Brilliant Product Pages

  • Add ons – product pages – simple but tempting add ons – get the look, you may also like, other options and recently viewed
  • Video of products being worn – which works as a thumbnail too
  • Wishlist feature
  • Drop down info delivery/material/size/care and reviews

Sweaty Betty Product Page

Top Check out Page

  • You may also like feature on basket page
  • Free delivery over £85
  • Clear shopping bag and drop down when hover over
  • Clear basket and coloured buttons for check out process

Sweaty Betty Check Out Page

Community page

  • Music playlists and recommendations, free events etc – about truly getting immersed in the lifestyle of people.

Sweaty Betty Community Page


What could the site do better?

  • Make more of the free delivery when you spend £85

Sweaty Betty Free Delivery Test

  •  Test putting social buttons above the fold - boost community engagement

Sweaty Betty Social Test

  • Make it easier to register – at the moment you can only register if you make a transaction or click on the wish list option. Improve your wishlist function and usage by allowing people to register next to the log in option. A Pinterest option for the wishlist would also be REALLY cool!

Sweaty Betty Registration Test


So, congratulations Sweaty Betty, you have a fab website and could use CRO testing to squeeze even more juice out of what you already have! Also, each winner receives some stuff from James’ drawer, so look out for a package in the post #Win!

Tweet your CRO Site of the Week nominations to @RootToMarket. And remember: If you Test it; they will come!

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