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If like me you spend half of your waking hours staring at Google Analytics then you’ll know that GA doesn’t have many of the reports you would like it to. I get asked daily about finding key information that isn’t provided through any of the standard reports. Many people get frustrated at this point and assume that Analytics can’t answer the questions they are asking.

Luckily we can take this in to our own hands and create custom reports to answer your questions, using the lovely tools the GA team built for just this purpose. Custom Reports

You’ve probably seen this tab in your account a million times, maybe you’ve even clicked it once or twice, but 99% of accounts I look at for the first time, just show an empty screen. This incredibly powerful tool goes unused by the majority of people.

But No Longer!

Today we plan to change all that and share with you some of the reports we use in this office on a daily basis. So you too can be totally awesome.

Handily we can share custom reports, so when prompted, just click the link, log in to your analytics account and save the custom reports to your Analytics profiles. All of these reports can be modified to show specific metrics that you want to see, just hit the “Edit” button and have a play.


Adwords ROI

We spend a lot of time optimising our PPC accounts over here at High Position towers, and we do it because we want to provide the best ROI we can to our clients. But the standard Adwords reports Google gives us are a little short of the mark.

Our Adwords ROI report shows you campaign performance alongside helpful metrics like Revenue, and actual number of Goal completions. It also goes one step further to the dizzying heights of displaying Cost Per Transaction / Goal right within GA. Now we’re in a much clearer position to look at our campaigns, their margins and what we are going to do to improve them. - Get The Report Here


Landing Page vs Goals

Another painfully obvious report was required for our Conversion Rate Optimisation service. Which pages do people enter our site through, and then continue on to purchase something? Or potentially more interesting, which of these pages are under performing? This report, with the “Comparison” view option shows us which pages are ripe for optimising. - Get The Report Here

Landing pages vary in performance, either send people to better converting pages, or optimise these pages.


Goals from Location

Often we have clients with physical locations (shops) that they want people to visit. We track conversions that signal intent to visit these locations from within the website. The PPC campaigns are set to only display to a radius around the location, this custom report helps us see which areas we are targeting are converting the best, and potentially we can target those areas more heavily in future campaigns. - Get The Report Here


Time and Day patterns

So you’re setting up a paid search campaign for the first time, and you see the “ad scheduler” feature. You think to yourself, I wonder when I should run these ads to get the most bang for my buck?, do people visit mainly on their lunch break? after work in the evenings? In the middle of the night? Well you don’t have to guess any more, use the Time and Day custom report and see exactly when your visitors are arriving, and more importantly, when they are converting. Then run your ads at those times of day and see your CPA drop through the floor. - Get The Report Here

For this client we can clearly see that the weekends are not an optimal time to be running ads

We have  many of these reports set up for managing our campaigns on a day to day basis. If you would like to see further reports let us know in the comments and we might release some more.


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