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What is Remarketing

Remarketing is the relatively new intelligent way to use the Google Display Network. In the current economic climate a lot of people use the internet to search for bargains whilst also using the internet to consume a wide range of different media. The modern consumer is also a busy one, with so little time and so much to do. Due to this advertisers have less time to engage a potential costumer / consumer. Today’s consumer can spend up to 27 days making a purchase, which means you need to remind potential customers about your service.

Today’s consumer can take up to 27 days to make a purchase

Remarketing has been introduced so that you can continue to be engaged with your target audience by delivering relevant ads to them across the Google Display Network.  So whilst your potential customer consumes other forms of media they continue to be shown your ads.

Example of Remarketing on YouTube

Example of Remarketing on YouTube

Over the last two years there has been a 48% increase in the time spent online, which makes it more important than ever to display your ads across the internet. Whether you want to target YouTube, relevant blogs or apps you can do it all via the Google Display Network.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing works by placing a cookie on the visitors system, just the same as Google Analytics does when a visitor comes to your site. Infact, Google remarketing can now be setup by adding an extra line of code to the original Google Analytics code on your website.

Once the code is setup you can start to target visitors using remarketing. It is best practise to place the code on every page of your site so that you can build up ‘lists.’

Intelligent Marketing Using Remarketing Lists

Not only can you target all visitors to your site and show them ads across the internet, you can also target visitors to specific pages of your site or visitors that have reached certain goals or pages on your site.

This means that you can engage a very specific audience.

Example 1

If you are an insurance company offering motorcycle, car and travel insurance, you can deliver motorcycle ads to people that have reached the motorcycle page of your site.

Example 2

You are a hotel that has a honeymoon suite available, somebody visits your website but does not make a booking. You are targeting florists on the display network and the potential customer notices you have a special offer available on your rooms, they are reminded about your business and make a booking.

You can also reward loyal customers with special offers by targeting users that have already made a conversion. This way you know you are targeting individuals that already trust your site.

GDN No Longer A Dirty Word

I am sure that Google would be the first to admit that the Google Display Network has not been perfect in recent years, the impressions are usually sky high and the clicks through the floor however the fact that over 2 million websites serve Google Display Ads it is a format that needed to work for Google.

Over 2 million websites serve Google Display Ads

Google are not interested in showing irrelevant ads, they want people to click on the ads they are shown so they can generate revenue. For this reason Google have now improved the focus of the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network Can

  •  Reach shoppers at the moment of relevance – Only 5% of time is spent actively searching, GDN helps to reach your audience the 95% of time spent experiencing content
  • Supercharge search with display - Customers are 136% more likely to search for your brand after seeing your ad on the Google Display Network.
  •  Extend the value of your search campaigns with remarketing – Target qualified prospects that have shown an interest in your site.
  •   Target Apps - Allows you to target apps with relevant ads.
Only 5% of time is spent actively searching, GDN helps to reach your audience the 95% of time spent experiencing content

Netflix Example

Netflix Example

Tip: Make use of the Google Display Network at peak times. Companies such as Netflix are more likely to increase their display advertising when weather is bad rather than when the country is enjoying a heatwave! 

Improve Your Brand With A Successful Remarketing Campaign

The main advantage of remarketing is that you can target visitors that have come through all mediums not just PPC. You do not have to spend a fortune on PPC to run a remarketing campaign. Some of the most successful remarketing campaigns are campaigns that have not had massive numbers of clicks but have seen an increase in View Through Conversions.  A View Through Conversion is a conversion that has been made on your website after the user has seen, but not necessarily clicked on, your ad.

view through conversions image

Ad has been viewed 119,932 times by an audience that has already shown an interest

Your brand will be shown to qualified consumers that have already shown an interest in your website.

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