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After a day at Google’s London offices, the High Position Account Managers are up to scratch with AdWords latest BIG thing – Remarketing Lists for Search Ads #RLSA

Ok, so the name isn’t too catchy but this is a hot topic in the world of Digital Marketing. Imagine being able to specifically target your previous site visitors when they are using Google’s search engine…well that’s what RLSA is all about.

Well, actually, there’s a lot more to it than that - which is why we are excited about rolling out RLSA campaigns across a number of client accounts.

Without going into too much detail…we’ve pulled together 10 things you NEED to know about RLSA and what it could mean for your business:


1. RLSA lets you bid more/less aggressively on site visitors, based on how likely they will be to convert; therefore improving Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and Conversions


2. 48% = how much lower the average CPA was during Google’s beta phase


3. RLSA lets you tailor ad text, links and keywords to appeal more to people who have already visited/converted on your site


4. You can also include/exclude RLSA lists to apply layers of segmentation. For example, fashion e-commerce sites can target more specific ads at different groups of visitors:

  • Layer 1: visitors who have viewed male clothing pages
  • Layer 2: visitors who have also viewed shoes
  • Layer 3: visitors who have also have viewed the basket page within the last 7 days
  • Layer 4: visitors who did not complete a transaction


5. 145% = how much better the CTR is for RLSA ads than original campaigns


6. RLSA only needs one piece of code to be updated by your developers – the rest can be done within AdWords using clever rules to segment your site’s visitors


7. 12% = the average increase in conversions compared to original campaign targeting


8. RLSA lets you reward loyal customers or win over potential converters by creating incentive based ads especially for your segments


9. 250% = the average increase in ROAS


10. Remember - each RLSA list will need to have 1000 unique users but users can only be stored on lists for 180 days. GDN remarketing only needs 100 users and can be stored for 540 days.

If you have any questions about RLSA please leave a comment or get in touch with one of our PPC experts.


2 thoughts on “Collect, Segment and Engage

  1. Hello Rachael, RLSA is pretty much amazing. 12% average increase in conversions could mean a lot. Segmenting the data through RLSA list can be beneficial in the long run. It can help organize your group of visitors according to your liking.

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