Clear and ‘Presentation Skills’ Danger!


HP Team Put Through Presentation Skills Paces

Things like presentation skills training and media handling is often not publicised by many companies, but as you maye have realised, we are not most companies!

We are pretty good at presenting and pitching our business, [just get in touch if you want to find that out!] but have you ever tried pitching on the spot whilst staring down the lense of an HD camera fully mic’ed up?  Well our team faced the gaunlet today as we brought in Karen Ainley from Mosaic Media Training to deliver presentation skills training.

Waxing Lyrical About the 3 P’s

Presentation skills are something that many of us take for granted. We have quite a few outgoing confident people in our team, but under the microscope of the camera, we all have certain foibles that make us cringe. It is only natural for this to happen. Great presenters are people who work hard at being great presenters.

The presentation skills training looked at the three core principles of great presentations; the 3 Ps!

  1. Preparation
  2. Practice
  3. Performance

After some great insight and practical advice, we set about watching how it is NOT done! Laughing at other’s mistakes is a great way to spend 20 mins, however it does help set you up nicely for your own! As it was then time for the brave volunteers to step up and pitch our own company.

The results were lots and lots of great URPs about High Position, interspersed with some ‘umms’ a few ‘errs’ and some other idiosyncrasies that we all have. In a seminar or over a boardroom table you can get away with a lot, under the camera - not so much!

So the top tip is obey the 3 Ps, and get a camera and practice your presentation. If you want more than that then you’ll have to call Mosaic yourselves. It was well worth doing, even if the brave volunteers had to face the vulnerability of watching themselves on screen -  plus we got some great insight from the team into our USPs!

Wins all round! Have you ever invested in presentation skills training? We want to hear from you.


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