A Very HP New Year: Digital Strategy Guide


Have You Made Your Digital Resolutions?

2013 is already shaping up to be an interesting year.  If you missed it, we finished 2012 with a Christmassy bang publishing 24 pieces of cutting edge digital strategy stocking filler for the coming year, in our Digital Marketing Advent calendar.

Now, the Christmas trees are down, the last Turkey sandwiches are in the lunchboxes, and the loooong month of January stretches into the distant horizon. But we are making the most of our time by compiling all of our insight that hit the High Position Blog throughout December into compendium of digital strategy for 2013, which will be avaiable at the end of Jan.

High Position 2013 Digital Strategy Guide

The High Position 2013 Digital Strategy Guide pulls together all the hints and tips our teams of experts have predicted are relevant to success in the coming year. Insight covers: search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, conversion rate optimisation, social media, and web analytics.

We are covering everything from author rank and authorship in SEO to building an online/offline cost per acquisition model in Google analytics. We also look at measuring the impact of social activity to your website, how to harness video to boost SERPs, and a multitude of ways to make a positive impact on your conversion rate.

The best things in life are FREE!

The great news is that we are giving this digital strategy guide away for FREE! So if you are looking for a concise summary of what is important in 2013, and what you can practically do about it, then subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Twitter for news on how to download.

In the meantime we’d love to hear from you; what are your New Year digital marketing resolutions? What do you think is going to be important this year, and what are you planning to do about it?


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