Online Marketing Advent

High Position's Top Tips for 2013
Dec 1st

Panda to Google - Become a Content SEO

Don't just make great content, make an awesome content strategy.

Dec 2nd

You're dynamic, competitive and trustworthy. But are you mobile?

From December 25th onwards the amount of mobile search activity is going to exceed all previous levels. 2013 could be the year that mobile search advertising either makes or breaks your business.

Dec 3rd

Get the most from Google Analytics in 2013

2013 will be a big year for web analytics, and we've put together our highlights and what to watch for in the coming months.

Dec 4th

Compelling Content is the Core of CRO

We all know content is king for SEO, but testing content via CRO is often overlooked. Make your New Year's resolution a positive one: lose the fluff, get to the point, but make sure you test it.

Dec 5th

AuthorRank & Authorship - Write your way into Search in 2013

Will 2013 be the year Google unleashes AuthorRank and impact on search results? Don't wait to find out, build your authorship NOW.

Dec 6th

Lights, Camera, Action: Boost SERPs with Video in 2013

Video is no longer just about laughing babies, Tron impressions and eye watering accidents. You can boost your SERPs visibility in 2013 by following these guidelines.

Dec 7th

Follow the money in 2013 - Adwords and Analytics

Online activity in 2013 will grow at a greater than ever before. People understand that it's a neccessity to be involved but, increasingly, one of the things businesses are asking for is more information on what works and what doesn't.

Dec 8th

Calculate the CPA of your online and offline campaigns

If there's one thing you do in 2013 - make sure it involves working out the CPA of your marketing channels! this one task could save you thousands in marketing spend over the next 12 months.

Dec 9th

Form An Orderly Queue - Don't Ignore Testing Web Forms In 2013

So many businesses ignore their web forms and leave them to rot. Make sure you test all contact forms in 2013, using these top tips from High Position's CRO Team.

Dec 10th

Manage Your Way to Social Media Success

In 2013 the big Social Media players will continue to make inroads into online advertising with the aim of getting a piece of the Google pie. Sponsored stories on Facebook and Promoted Tweets on Twitter are already having an impact on the way we look at audience targeting and engagement.

Dec 11th

The Importance of Regular SEO Audits

With Google reported to implement 500+ algorithm modifications per year, and Bing/Yahoo continually attempting to better their search algorithms to compete in the search market, search engine strategies change regularly. In this post we look at the SEO audit cycle and discuss the importance of on-going website and market audits.

Dec 12th

Top Vs Other - How Bidding Higher Can Be The Best Strategy

The amount you are willing to pay per click can effect a number of things including click through rate and quality score, which can have an impact on how much you have to pay per click compared to a competitor. Here is a guide to why bidding in the top positions could be the best strategy.

Dec 13th

How Will You Measure Success In 2013?

Knowing the purpose of your website is the first step to improving your marketing, setting realistic targets and eventually rewarding yourself for hitting them.

Dec 14th

Understanding and Improving your Bounce Rate in 2013

High Position's CRO Team offer another top tip for 2013 - improving bounce rates can improve conversion, but ensure you understand exactly what bounce rate is.

Dec 15th

Social Media - Which Channels for Which Purpose?

The How and Why of Social Media, for those that have yet to successfully integrate it as part of their online marketing campaign.

Dec 16th

Give your business a local search boost in 2013

Local search is by no means a new development in search but I'm here to tell you why it's more important than ever for small businesses in 2013 to review their local strategy and make the most of their local search listings.

Dec 17th

Google Shopping is changing in 2013 are you ready?

If you do not already know Google shopping is changing in 2013. Google products are becoming a paid only service, the free feed is being removed. Find out what is happening and why you need to be prepared.

Dec 18th

Clearer Insights Today - 4 Free Custom Reports

The standard reports in Google Analytics don't always provide you with what you need. Check out 4 free custom reports that could make your life easier.

Dec 19th

Glocalisation: It Takes Diff'rent Strokes To Move The World

HP's CRO Vixen, Libby Whetter, takes a look at Glocalisation and the importance of knowing who exactly your target market are. Follow her top tips for 2013 here.

Dec 20th

Measuring Social's Impact To Your Website

Social should be core to any digital startegy in 2013, but how do you measure return on investment?

Dec 21st

The Art Of Link Building 2013

As the year comes to an end we look at achieving a natural link profile to ensure you have a future proof link building strategy for 2013.

Dec 22nd

Don't Panic! Google Shopping is changing - but we are here to help!

The end is nigh for free product listings on Google. From February 13th 2013, Google will start migrating existing Merchant Centre feeds to a commercial model. This will impact a lot of businesses, and will take time and resources to ensure you are ready to rock when the time comes. But fear not, High Position is here to help!

Dec 23rd

GA Segmentation Tips: Find Your Best Customers!

Do you know who your best customers are, or do you lump all your visitors in together? get cleverer in 2013 by segmenting to find those best converters!

Dec 24th

Don't Waste Time With Confusing CRO Tests = Analyse Then Hypothesise

High Position’s Head of CRO offers his Top Tip for 2013 with a little help from The Grok, Bryan Eisenberg – Keep it simple and never test usability and persuasion together.

Dec 25th

We Wish You A Very HP Christmas!

In this final post of our Online Marketing Advent Calendar, we were debating how to go out with a big finish.