High Position Hit Google Global HQ In California


High Position Represent at Google Analytics Certified Partners Summit

It’s that time of year again! The temperature drops, the Christmas campaigns are simmering away, and two of our lucky number crunchers jet off to the States to attend the annual Google Analytics Certified Partners [GACP] summit at Mountain View in California.

The GACP summit is a gathering of all analytics certified partners from across the globe, to get exclusive insight into the web analytics platform. We have been for the last two years, and representing us this year are two of our usual suspects:

#askGACP Your Analytics Questions

Over the last couple of years we have witnessed some fantastic new features being announced at the GACP summit, such as the Google Analytics Flow Visualisation feature. But the summit is not only about rolling out analytics innovation; it is also a great chance for us to put your questions and feedback to the Google Analytics team.

So if you have any questions, analytics related that is, [we cannot help with enquiries relating to the average flight speed velocity of an unladen swallow] then fire them to us via our Twitter account using this hashtag:


Let us know what you like about GA, what is bugging you, and any ideas you have for features that can help you understand your website’s performance in greater detail. The conference is this Monday and Tuesday [29th-30th Oct] so get the questions in quick and we’ll represent you!

If you are going to the GACP summit then please get in touch. We have written a white paper collating our aggregated GA data analysis looking at the following metrics:Mobile vs Desktop

  • Conversion rate by medium
  • Keyword - long tail vs head terms
  • (not provided) by industry

This will be available for download in the very near future, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed and subscribe to the blog. California here we come!


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