For most of us there will be a time in life when our families are helped by charities like Marie Curie Nurses – which provides in-house and in-hospice care across the UK, as well as a team of Marie Curie Helpers who are specially trained volunteers offering companionship and emotional support. 

For patients that have life-limiting illnesses and may never get better – Marie Curie Cancer Care can be there for you. From the physical symptoms of your illness to the emotional strain on you and your family, the network of Marie Curie nurses and volunteers are there to help you cope with your illness and maintain your independence.

With hourly running costs of almost £10,000, to help almost 40,000 people each year, Marie Curie Cancer Care has local fundraising groups all across the country. To celebrate the 12th and final month of our Giving4Ward™ scheme we are more than happy to do our bit and select the Colchester Marie Curie Fundraising Group as our March beneficiary. Although this month’s total of £168 really is a drop in the ocean, a constant stream of donations can all add up and are essential for keeping these services running day to day.

With the Marie Curie story starting in 1948, when the NHS was launched, funds were originally kick-started with the donation of an engagement ring, contributing to the first appeal raising over £4,000. By 1950 the ongoing appeal had met the £30,000 marker and two years later the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation officially became a charity. Over 60 years later and support for the charity is still going from strength to strength and activities are still focused around the original aims of the foundation, putting patients and families first.

Today Marie Curie Cancer Care:

  • Is dedicated to providing more and better care for patients and their families through the Marie Curie Nursing Service and its nine hospices.
  • Is committed to carrying out the research and innovation necessary to find out what the best possible care is and how best to provide it.
  • Will ensure measures are in place to give people the choice of place their end of life care and death through The Marie Curie Delivering Choice Programme
  • Is determined that the needs of the dying remain on the political agenda and will continue to campaign for patients to be able to die in their own homes in all four countries of the UK through its policy and public affairs work.

If you want to show your support and do that extra bit there are a number of ways to get involved, from volunteering as a Marie Curie Helper to supporting your local charity shops. You could also join your local fundraising group and become part of a team to help organise events and raise awareness in your area.

Get in touch with the Colchester Fundraising Group

Set up a year ago, our Giving4ward™ scheme operates by us making a small donation for every one of our invoices that is paid on time by our clients. At the end of the month we total up the contributions and make a final donation to a local charity that has been nominated by the High Position team – for more information about the scheme read our first blog.

We are very grateful to our clients to be able to donate generously to the cause, which we know will be put to valuable use helping families, both locally and further afield. As usual, we hope to be able to visit the charity to hand over the cheque and to see firsthand the day to day running of the charity.

UPDATE: we managed to arrange an afternoon for Ray and Irvine, members of the Marie Curie Colchester Fundraising Group to come down to the High Position offices and accpet their donation cheque. We also had the opportunity to find out more about the charity and the sort of care our donation will contribute to. Chris Ainsworth, our Technical Team Leader (far left) and Libby Bearman, one of our Account Managers, presented the proud Marie Curie Colchester Group with the cheque.

Chris (Far Left) and Libby (Far Right) hand over £168 to Marie Curie’s Colchester Group, represented by Irvine and Ray (Centre).

What’s Next?

After a successful 12 months we are proud to have donated £1690 to local charities and are thankful for our client’s support which has allowed us to generously donate each month. As we enter a new financial year we wanted to mix things up a little and will be taking a different approach to fundraising… so watch this space!

Thank You

We have said it every month but it is worth repeating; we could not do this without the support of all our clients; and a big thank you goes to the team at High Position for the continuing hard work and passion for all things digital marketing.


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