Google Begins Tackling Domain Crowding & SERP Diversity

It’s no secret that Google’s SERPs have been full of domain crowding for quite some time now. It’s a massive issue in some niches where a dominant domain can essentially take over the entirety of the first page of results. … Continue reading

google-paid-inclusion-560x336Google Shopping is changing in 2013 are you ready?

If you do not already know Google shopping is changing in 2013. You will already have received notification from Google via an e-mail. The big change has already happened in America and with only 16 days to act from notification to … Continue reading

Give your business a local search boost in 2013Give your business a local search boost in 2013

Are you a small business providing a service in your local area? If so, its time to grab yourself a mince pie and warm drink, sit back, and prepare to take some notes! (or you could just bookmark this page, … Continue reading

Social Media - Which Channels for Which Purpose?

If you’re serious about increasing your visibility online, narrowing your plans down to a single medium such as SEO or PPC is missing out on a massive amount of potential traffic and revenue.  It’s no secret that including social media … Continue reading

Understanding and Improving your Bounce Rate in 2013

This year I feel like I have had more conversations regarding bounce rate than any other Google Analytics metric and I am positive that people’s enthusiasm to talk of this topic will continue well into 2013 and beyond. The interesting … Continue reading

How Will You Measure Success In 2013?

If you are not measuring your website against your business objectives, you’re doing yourself and your website a disservice. Tracking key performance indicators aligned with your business objectives is fundamental to understanding and recognising your website’s true value and potential. … Continue reading

Top Vs Other - How Bidding Higher Can Be The Best Strategy

When it comes to paid advertising, deciding how much to bid on each keyword can be difficult. On one hand you need to consider how many clicks you can achieve within your budget but on the other you need to … Continue reading

google-seo-audit-featureThe Importance of Regular SEO Audits

SEO, like other digital industries is an extremely fast moving and dynamic industry, if not more so! This is primarily because of the rate at which the search engine’s algorithms develop and evolve, forcing everyone to keep up – or … Continue reading

Manage Your Way to Social Media Success

Are You Being Unsocial? In 2013 the big Social Media players will continue to make inroads into online advertising with the aim of getting a piece of the Google pie. Sponsored stories on Facebook and Promoted Tweets on Twitter are … Continue reading

Contact Form TestForm An Orderly Queue - Don’t Ignore Testing Web Forms In 2013

Web forms – let’s face it, they are generally a pain in the pants. We don’t have time, we’re impatient – especially us blokes as we simply cannot multi-task (bar drinking and watching sports at the same time) – we … Continue reading