About Ben Milleare

Ben is Technical Director at High Position and heads up all of our service-led R&D - a great fit for his SEO/coding background. You can follow Ben on Google+ and Twitter where he talks about inbound marketing, geeky stuff and his first true love - the mighty West Ham United.

crowding-per-pageGoogle Domain Crowding Update: May 2013

Back in December 2012 I wrote a post about how Google was making big strides in the right direction in regards to tackling domain crowding. While this was a positive step for sure, and the data clearly proved that the … Continue reading

segmenting-your-usersGA Segmentation Tips: Find Your Best Customers!

On the face of it, Google Analytics can be bit daunting for new users who aren’t analytically minded. There’s a lot of data at your fingertips but, unless you know how to use it, you might be making poor decisions … Continue reading

Google Begins Tackling Domain Crowding & SERP Diversity

It’s no secret that Google’s SERPs have been full of domain crowding for quite some time now. It’s a massive issue in some niches where a dominant domain can essentially take over the entirety of the first page of results. … Continue reading

Calculate the CPA of your online and offline campaigns

It’s no secret that many companies struggle to attain accurate Cost per Acquisition figures. A lot of the time this boils down to bad tracking but also, worryingly, is often because they just don’t know how to get to the … Continue reading

tombstoneHyphens In Domains - Negative Signal to Google?

About a month ago I published some research into the Google EMD update and it’s effect on exact and partial-match domains in the UK SERPs. If you have’t read that yet then I suggest you pop over there first for … Continue reading

google-emd-updateGoogle’s EMD Update: the numbers

Only got 5 minutes? skip to the bottom for the TL;DR version. Just over a week ago now (September 28 to be exact), Google released what is being called the “EMD Update“. You can follow that link for a bit … Continue reading