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This week High Position’s Marketing Manager, Rachael Bilby, takes a look at As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified by High Position Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket. Nominations can also be tweeted so please share and get involved!


“Missguided is a fresh and vibrant online store that aims to stay on top of the latest trends in order to provide our customers with the best that the fashion world has to offer. We have fast established ourselves as a reputable and reliable company that is able to stand toe-to-toe with some of the most well-known online fashion retailers.”

“We understand that the key to our success is a happy and satisfied customer. This is why we focus on delivering a simple to use yet exciting shopping experience, whilst offering the fashion you want when you want it.”

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway!

What does the site do?

Missguided is one of the UK’s fastest growing fashion e-commerce sites. With no high street presence, it has ambitiously taken on big brands like ASOS, Topshop, River Island and H&M and have fast established themselves “as a favourite for fast fashion at fantastic prices.”

With a regular supply of new stock on sale at affordable prices and a quick, low cost delivery service, Missguided is doing a lot of things right in the world of fashion e-commerce. Their e-shot and social media efforts are pretty impressive too!

What does the site say they do?

“Unlike many other online retailers we do more than just sell clothes. We like to point you in the right direction by giving you helpful and handy fashion tips and advice in our regularly updated blog. Here you can find out how to achieve the hottest celebrity looks as well as get information on our most popular items.”

What does the site do well?

Home page

The homepage screams fashion with magazine style imagery and is chopped up with clear, to the point incentives – “Free Delivery” and “10% student discount”. Calls to action buttons are big and bold and the Sale option in the navigation is super easy to hone in on. Delivery information is also accessible with a list in the footer, just below the scrolling products – which I’m guessing are new in or best sellers!

Category Page

Following with the magazine theme, images are all model featured and I really like the option to view less products per page, but have big, clear images of every product! Plus, there is a free delivery reminder underneath the filter options.

Product Page

In my eyes, Missguided have pretty much nailed the product pages – clear and easy on the eye, but information rich with one click size guides, delivery info and care details. They have also got a smooth working scroll over function plus a “you may also like” scroller on the right hand side for better inspiration. The add to bag button is clear and you are again reminded of the free delivery with the header and another banner lower down.

Basket/check out

With a pop up basket when you add an item or hover over the “bag option” the checkout process is easy to get started with. The checkout process is generally painless, with few distractions, a handy process tracker above the forms and lots of payment options, including PayPal.       Buttons are also clear and bold, and the delivery options get a screen of their own – although I wonder if more information could boost delivery revenue e.g. of free delivery takes 10 days, people might pay £2-3 to get a quicker delivery.


Adopting a fashion lead mission, it is no surprise that the site works a magazine feel, and works it well! The “Trends” and “Blog” sections are quirky and inspiring - like you’d find in magazines, except with a click you can shop for affordable equivalents!

What could the site do better?

Criticism is generally limited as I love a lot of things about the site! However there are a couple of ideas which similar sites are adopting and at least deserve a test or two on Missguided!

Clickable carousel tabs

The pictures and offers scrolling round on the homepage are eye catching, so why not let users have the choice of clicking back to one which has particularly caught their eye – you might find that they are having to wait for a slide to rotate back round at the moment.

Top Navigation Social Buttons

Although social media buttons are clustered in the footer, and are featured on every product page, Facebook is taking the lead in the top navigation? Perhaps adding twitter and/or G+ or Pinterest here will boost interaction.

Quick buy category page buttons

One of my all time favourite category page features is a quick shop option – to just add it to your basket and go! Although it is a different industry and feel altogether, I love how Benefit execute this on the site.

Improve Add On functions

Although I like the “you may also make” scroller, adding some “wear this with” options could help boost Average Transaction Value. Although it is mentioned in the text, I’m confident that visual “looks” will have more weight in selling additional products.

Trial a Guest Checkout option

We are still in an era when people want a quick an easy purchase without having to fully register. Perhaps trial a guest option with a simple “register now” at the end of the process.


One final pointer is that using this site on my smart phone is no where near as good an experience! My advice is to check out your GA data and keep an eye on the mobile/desktop split! It’s something not to be ignored so test out some mobile sites and watch your mobile conversion rate improve!

So, congratulations Missguided, you have a brilliant website and could use CRO testing to squeeze even more juice out of what you already have! Also, each winner receives some stuff from James’ drawer, so look out for a package in the post #Win!

Tweet your CRO Site of the Week nominations to @RootToMarket. And remember: If you Test it; they will come!


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