Google Pokemon ChallengeApril Fools’ 2014 Pranks from Google, Bing & Best of the Rest!

It’s the beginning of April which means only one thing, it’s April Fools’ Day! Every year various divisions of Google, Bing and companies worldwide take part in April Fools’ pranks, each year trying to outwit the last. This year is … Continue reading

HP SERP GeneratorHow to Extract a List of All URLs Indexed by Google for Your Website

Sometimes you just want to know which pages of your website Google have within their huge index of URLs. Perhaps you need this information for a site migration to ensure all those important redirects are handled correctly. Perhaps you need … Continue reading

Relaunch ButtonThe Website Re-Launch/Migration SEO Checklist

Picture this – you’ve spent what seems like forever planning the design and build of an all singing all dancing website. You’ve built your shiny new website covering all possible on-page SEO factors to ensure your website is uber search … Continue reading

Google SERPs & Services  - A look back in timeGoogle Timeline – A Look at the History of SERPs & Services

Head of SEO Tom Jepson takes a look back at the last 17 years of features and changes to Google, its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and other search services. Continue reading

Capture those IdeasCapturing Blog Ideas the Easy Way

So, you’ve got to write a blog post, whether it’s for your personal blog, your company’s or perhaps you’re writing a guest article or column for another site. For experienced and inexperienced writers alike, one of the most agitating scenarios is not … Continue reading

Motorola AM31802014 – The Year of Mobile Optimisation

15 years is a long time but I can vividly remember Christmas 1998 as the year when I bought my first mobile phone at the ripe age of 16, the Motorola AM3180; there it is over there on the right … Continue reading

algo_timelineBeing Visible Online – Without Page One, Position One

Search has changed a lot over the last few years – and 2013 was no exception. With the numerous Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the Hummingbird algorithm, the move towards encrypted search and the evolution of the knowledge graph, capturing … Continue reading

Google Semantic SearchGoogle Semantic Search – an Interview With David Amerland

The world of SEO has been a ceaseless moving beast over the last few years, so much so it has prompted many shifts and changes within the tactics websites need to use in order to gain that all-important visibility. Behind a … Continue reading

Knowledge GraphThe Evolution of Knowledge Graph

In May 2012 Google unveiled one of the most significant changes to search, the Knowledge Graph. I recently published a post on the Search Engine People blog discussing the importance of Knowledge Graph, how it works and various types of … Continue reading

OK GoogleBlogging is Your Business (Part 2) – How a Blog Can Help Your Business in Search

In the first of this duo of post I looked at what a blog can mean for your audience and the way it can build your brand and reputation the right way. In the second part we’ll be looking at … Continue reading