how to track mobile click to call in googel analyticsHow to Track Mobile Click to Calls in Google Analytics

The tracking and association of telephone calls to digital activities has been a troublesome hurdle to overcome in the past. Thankfully, these days there are a number of services to help you understand the impact your online presence has on how … Continue reading

digital-digestDigital Digest – Facebook after Death, No Escape from the Algo & AdWords URLs

Another Monday, which means it is time for yet another #DigitalDigest, bringing you a breakdown of last week’s marketing news in bite-sized chunks! Last week we saw a lot of commotion about Facebook’s new after death options, Pinterest dealt some … Continue reading

Web Designer SEO 101Web Designer SEO 101

Rule One: SEO is not a Dark Art Many designers think that SEO is a magic black box of Darkness – or at least those who do it are wizards or something equally enigmatic. How many new Designers/Front-end Developers have … Continue reading

digital-digestDigital Digest: Google Algo Update, Access to Twitter Firehose and Big Investment in Content Marketing

This week’s #DigitalDigest features a Google algo update (shock horror!), Twitter and Google making friends, loadsa wonga for Taboola and a whole town full of Facebookers. Search Another day, another Google algo update. The latest one dropped on Thursday causing the … Continue reading

what is Content Marketing?What is Content Marketing? And 15 Other Essential Content Questions (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second part in my content marketing essentials series, for those who missed part one I covered some core content marketing principles, like “what is it?”, ‘why you need it’ and ‘what types of content to produce’ among … Continue reading

Google DevelopersMaking the Most out of Google’s New Structured Data Testing Tool

When it comes to talking about Structured Data, people mention Schema, Microdata and RDFa in the same sentence. The Schema is the current dominant vocabulary for including Structured Data on a website. Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD are the various syntaxes … Continue reading

Digital Digest – Apple’s Earnings, Vine for Kids and the Super Bowl

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what is Content Marketing?What is Content Marketing? And 15 Other Essential Content Questions (Part 1)

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Google Image Search URL ExtractorHow to Extract a List of Image URLs Indexed by Google

Back in 2014 I coded a nifty little JavaScript tool (adapting previous work by Liam Delahunty) to help with site auditing by extracting a list of URLs indexed by Google for a domain of your choice. The tool was initial … Continue reading

ask-google-20132015 – The Year of Mobile?

We’ve been hearing the phrase for a few years now, but so far mobile hasn’t really exploded in the way we’ve all been expecting. Sure, usage is gradually going up but SMEs have mostly continued to ignore it in terms … Continue reading