Personal Values VaryYUPPIES? WOOPIES? Or maybe DINKIES? – How would you describe your customers?

Most of us marketing folk will have heard of YUPPIES, WOOPIES and DINKIEs and this month’s latest persona acronym is the much loved “YOLDie” – i.e. Young Old Person. A lot of organisations will embrace an awareness of these marketing … Continue reading

My Supermarket PigHow Good Value Can Boost Revenue

5 ways to experiment with upselling based on value People are spending more money online than ever before and one of the main reasons that people turn to online vs. offline – aside from convenience – is the opportunity to … Continue reading

Site Search PerformanceEcommerce Site Search – Improve your customers search experience

There’s a reason why Amazon’s search box takes up a significant part of the screen. Ecommerce retailers know the value that on-site search adds to their business. Consumers have been spoiled over the last 10 years with ever-improving search algorithms and … Continue reading

Content Group - DashboardHow to send Author & Category from WordPress to Analytics Content Groups

Send Author & Category information from your WordPress blog posts to Google Analytics. Google Analytics recently released Content Groups to the world. In this post I will show you how to track the most popular Authors and Categories from your … Continue reading

segmenting-your-users5 Digital Trends to Watch in 2014

If 2013 is anything to go by, this year will be another cracker for digital marketing. With 79% of the EU having internet access in 2013, compared to 55% in 2007 and online traffic from mobile devices increasing by 46% … Continue reading

Facebook Hand4 Social Targets For 2014 (and what to measure)

There are 2 things that can be considered crucial for business when it comes to social media. 2 aspects that when combined can provide real insight in to your customers minds, and benefits for your business – but before I … Continue reading

% Socially Assisted ConversionsSocial’s Influence on e-Commerce? Big returns or big waste of time?

“Does social media really affect my business and the shopping habits of my customers?” A question many companies are trying to answer right now, in this new world of talking directly to your audience online, can you afford not to … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 14.24.084 New Demographic Reports Bring Opportunity For Savvy Marketers

Today we saw the introduction of 4 new reports within Google Analytics focussing on demographic information about our audience. The new reports give us access to new information about our visitors such as… Age Gender Affinity to a particular category … Continue reading AdWords with Google Analytics and GWT

Make Better Decisions by Linking AdWords with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools A few weeks ago, Google announced that a new feature has been added in AdWords which will allow you to link Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools (GWT) … Continue reading

Data, y u no big?Help! My data has a size complex!

Big data: it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. Big data will solve all your problems! You have some big data right? Out the back? I think it’s in that box under Sarah’s desk. First … Continue reading