google adwords v11Google AdWords Editor v11 New Features

Towards the end of last year Google released its latest version of AdWords Editor for PPC campaign management, with claims that version 11 would be the most significant update made to the application since it was first launched in 2006. … Continue reading

Google shopping will soon be getting its very own exam!The New Google AdWords Shopping Exam

In December, High Position attended the Google Partners – Accelerate event at the Google European Headquarters in Dublin. As well as some fantastic presentations on the state of Digital Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising, the subject of AdWords training … Continue reading

Keep-Calm-and-CalloutCan AdWords Callout Extensions Save Your Sanity?

A colleague of mine, working on a new build AdWords account a few days ago, became increasingly frustrated at the 35 character limit imposed on the two lines of body text in his ads, to the point where he had … Continue reading

Personal Values VaryYUPPIES? WOOPIES? Or maybe DINKIES? – How would you describe your customers?

Most of us marketing folk will have heard of YUPPIES, WOOPIES and DINKIEs and this month’s latest persona acronym is the much loved “YOLDie” – i.e. Young Old Person. A lot of organisations will embrace an awareness of these marketing … Continue reading

It's not about mobileNew AdWords Innovations Announced

Since last year’s big Enhanced Campaigns announcement it’s been relatively quiet on the AdWords Front. There has been the steady trickle of updates and enhancements that we expect from Google, but nothing that could be described as game-changing. However, yesterday … Continue reading

spiderKeyword Research Strategy: Use all your Senses

For centuries, boffins have asked: When we look out on the world, do we see things as they really are, or are we limited to only what we see and hear (and smell) as representations of an unknowable reality? SEOs … Continue reading

tigerProduct Listing Ads Change Back to Google Shopping

  This week, Google have changed ‘Product Listing Ad Campaigns‘ to ‘Shopping’ in AdWords (kind of). And with the change, comes a much easier way of working with Product Listing Ads. Rejoice! Normally, I fear change. But this was actually … Continue reading

This is Gordon.Capture Impulse Buyers With Mobile Optimised PPC Landing Pages

This is the story of a man. A man looking for something. A man on an epic journey through the interwebs. A man named Gordon. It’s late. The wind is whistling through the trees, and the rain is lashing at … Continue reading

segmenting-your-users5 Digital Trends to Watch in 2014

If 2013 is anything to go by, this year will be another cracker for digital marketing. With 79% of the EU having internet access in 2013, compared to 55% in 2007 and online traffic from mobile devices increasing by 46% … Continue reading

Doubleclick for GoogleDoubleClick Search – What are the benefits of DoubleClick

So you have spent all year restructuring your Adwords account, you have a huge Adwords account that has hundreds of campaigns, hundreds of Ad groups and thousands of keywords. On top of that you have started to make a bit … Continue reading