containerB-to-B: Rocking the Content Marketing Hootenanny

Companies offering business-to-business products and services can suffer from image problems. If modern digital content marketing was a party (and many hold that it is), you’d be forgiven for expecting to find the B2Bers standing awkwardly in the hallway, subjecting … Continue reading

spiderKeyword Research Strategy: Use all your Senses

For centuries, boffins have asked: When we look out on the world, do we see things as they really are, or are we limited to only what we see and hear (and smell) as representations of an unknowable reality? SEOs … Continue reading

Capture those IdeasCapturing Blog Ideas the Easy Way

So, you’ve got to write a blog post, whether it’s for your personal blog, your company’s or perhaps you’re writing a guest article or column for another site. For experienced and inexperienced writers alike, one of the most agitating scenarios is not … Continue reading

Chunk GooniesCRO and Content Marketing: Content Is Chun-King

So everyone’s still talking about content marketing. This buzzword has the digital marketing world all a-quiver and while it has its advocates (and its adversaries), you can’t knock the idea of creating genuinely relevant, useful and engaging content to enhance … Continue reading

OK GoogleBlogging is Your Business (Part 2) – How a Blog Can Help Your Business in Search

In the first of this duo of post I looked at what a blog can mean for your audience and the way it can build your brand and reputation the right way. In the second part we’ll be looking at … Continue reading

World Book Night - High position - 1High Position Celebrates World Book Night 2013

World Book Night 2013 is Here! World Book Night 2013 is being celebrated tonight in the UK, Ireland and the USA and here at High Position we are proud to say we are getting involved! The annual event, now in … Continue reading

How to Setup Google AuthorshipHow to set up Google Authorship / Rel Author Markup

Over the last year or so I have found that more and more new clients are aware they need to create a content strategy for their websites and know they need to tie this in with their social strategy; but … Continue reading

Social Media – Which Channels for Which Purpose?

If you’re serious about increasing your visibility online, narrowing your plans down to a single medium such as SEO or PPC is missing out on a massive amount of potential traffic and revenue.  It’s no secret that including social media … Continue reading

MattCuttsContentMaking Content Your Crowning Glory

As Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, chats guest blogging and links, stating more of the obvious – I am going to take a look at why content is [and always will be] King, and how you can polish that … Continue reading