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This week Victoria Spall has nominated Ray Ban Remix as High Position’s CRO Site of the Week, with their clean and simple website design making for a very user-friendly choice. As this week’s winners, they’ll be notified of their award via twitter and will be rewarded for their excellence with something from the HP CRO Drawer.

We love seeing fantastic, innovative websites so if you’ve come across a great user experience you can tweet your nomination to @HighPositionSEO using #CRONomination

What does the site do?

Ray-Ban Remix gives users a myriad of ways to customise a number of iconic Ray-Ban styles, from the frames, to the lenses, and even custom engraving. Snazzy!

What does the site say they do?

“Remix your Ray-Ban. Choose a model, remix colours and lenses and add personal engraving to the temples and case”.

What does the site do well?

  • Clear, simple instructions at the top of the homepage, with a clear CTA and delivery information

  • Clean, uncluttered homepage with awesome product shots that makes you want to jump straight into customising your Ray-Bans, with a huge block of images displaying the customisable models. Very inviting!

Nice large images showing all customisable models, with the largest images reserved for the most popular Wayfarer styles

  • The product pages let you take a good look at the specs, with 360 degree viewing and a mega zoom, for extra detail. It’s as if you’re holding them in your hand!

I created these bad boys in seconds

What else does the site do well?

  • For an even closer look at my custom Ray-Bans, I can download a super high resolution image of my fabulous creation. I can also save my remix to show my friends how cool and clever I am, and access it whenever I want from the ‘Your Remix’ section.

Everyone look at these sexy glasses I made

  • There is a guest checkout option, and the information is clearly displayed throughout the checkout process - and I even get an estimated arrival date - which is pretty impressive for a custom product!

What does the site not do so well?

  • The share buttons are tiny, and share options are pretty limited, which is strange as customised products are so shareable! - TEST IT!

  • Some of the customisation options are disappointing. New Wayfarer Gloss, for example, has loads of options whereas an Original Wayfarer Gloss is really limited by comparison, which is weird as essentially they are the same shape and style sunnies. - TEST IT!

Wah! Why so few choices?

  • While I’m sure the navigation is small so as not to detract from the overall site aesthetics, I believe there is great opportunity to test the site navigation to improve the UX - TEST IT!

Congratulations Ray-Ban Remix, you’ve got a fun site that offers some super awesome customisation options, plus the products look beautiful! CRO Testing could help build on this and ensure that your customers have even more reasons to make a purchase.



Enjoy your reward, straight from the CRO drawer!

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