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This week Richard Price has an in-depth look at Tokyo Laundry and explains why they deserve to be High Position’s CRO Site of the Week. As ever, winners of this prestigious award will be notified by HP’s Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket and be rewarded for their excellence with something from the CRO Drawer. Nominations can also be tweeted so please share and get involved!

What does the site do?

Tokyo Laundry offers a selection of fashion items for both men and women, with emphasis placed on how their range includes both casual and high end products. In addition, the brand is supposedly a fusion of Far Eastern typography and American collegiate styles.

What does the site say they do?

“Tokyo Laundry fuses a relaxed and casual style with an edge inspired by influences from the Far East to create a unique fashion lifestyle brand.”

“We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customer’s lifestyle from casual clothing to higher end fashion. We also provide a range of accessories including belts, hats, underwear, shoes and bags.”

What does the site do well?

  • Clean and crisp design is achieved by using a sensible colour template. The white background is augmented by good font choices and in particular a red and black colour scheme that draws attention to key selling points
  • Prominent placement of unique selling points on the home page
  • Sensible implementation of social links - too often these are hidden away at the bottom of a website’s home page!

What else does the site do well?

  • Extremely intuitive shopping experience. There are plenty of search filters that allow you to refine your search by the type of clothing, colour, size and price
  • Attractive product listing pages which include the welcome option of browsing an individual item’s different colours/designs without having to click on the item itself and go to another page

  • Product pages themselves disseminate information clearly and concisely and simply make for a very easy and pleasant shopping experience

While the product pages don’t do anything radically original, they are set out very clearly and make the shopping experience much easier on the eye

  • Checkout process is extremely simple and all required information is clearly communicated
  • Checkout pages heavily emphasise how secure and safe it is to shop online with the website. It is often the fear of buying online and worries over the safety of payment details that deters some internet users from making purchases. Clear information like this can help allay those fears

  • Well implemented blog content that is posted on a regular basis and more importantly is engaging and relevant to the website’s brand and products

Relevant, regular and well implemented blog content can do wonders for an e-commerce site

What does the site not do so well?

  • The size guide could be implemented in a more reactive and intuitive manner. Being presented with the sizing information for every product type for each gender is unnecessary when; for example, you are currently looking at belts! Having this information be reactive based upon the item a user is currently looking at would be helpful - TEST IT!

Although the information is clearly presented, being assaulted by a wall of numbers for all product types may not be the best approach when you are on a product page. Having the pertinent information be shown depending on your product type would be more useful.

  • I feel like I’m scraping the barrel here but the gift vouchers page isn’t particularly engaging and the search filters here (particularly colour!) feel entirely unnecessary. Perhaps treating gift vouchers less like a regular product listing page and more as a way of advertising other products and the brand itself would make them more engaging - TEST IT!

Congratulations Tokyo Laundry! Your site is clean, crisp and intuitive to use and with a couple of CRO tests I think your could make it an even more user friendly experience.


Go CROEnjoy your reward, freshly picked from James’ CRO Drawer!

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