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This week’s CRO Site of the Week is

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What does the site do?

Aether is a technology startup that has built a beautiful looking first product in Cone, the Thinking Music Player.

What does the site say they do?

“We founded Aether to make thinking things—beautifully crafted products that use powerful technology and simple, natural controls to make everyday moments nicer.”

What does the site do well?

  • Tantalising intro; as soon as you enter the homepage you’re met by Aether’s first product, Cone, displayed on a sideboard that could be your home.
  • A crisp and visible, yellow Buy Now button is clearly evident in the top right of the simple and easy-to-use nav, for users that have read the reviews and simply can’t wait to buy what looks to be a beautifully crafted product.
  • And a nicely placed arrow encourages the user to scroll…

Aether homepage

  • Scrolling down reveals an autoplay video, introducing the simple usability of the product, with a crisp and clear button to ‘Learn how Cone works’.

  • Three tabs - Teach, Turn and Speak - provide further examples of how the user would utilise Cone as part of their daily lifestyle, showcasing the ease of use, including turning Cone to skip tracks and voice recognition to tell Cone what you wanna hear, like: “Play Pixies”. N.B: I suggest a ‘Don’t play’ function, as in ‘don’t ever play One Direction’.

  •  Pertinent imagery depicts Cone at home, in different lifestyle situations.

What else does the site do well?

  • Uncluttered shopping cart and checkout, although this would certainly benefit from testing to alleviate trust anxieties.

Aether hcheckout


Effective use of vector imagery to illustrate how to set up Cone.

Aether setup

What does the site not do so well?

Value Proposition - simplicity of use, design quality, portability, and above all intelligent software are all USPs of cone, but I only found this out when digging deeper and deeper into the site. I would suggest testing a Value Proposition statement on the homepage that will capture the user within seconds - TEST IT!

Broken links! Whilst browsing the site I came across enough 404’s for me to be concerned about the professionalism of the brand. A quick crawl of the site, using intalyse, bought up a list of broken links including a page from the ‘Learn More’ button from the homepage, all of the FAQ links and a Telegraph review.

Also you have to really dig around to find tech spec - eventually found on the FAQs page that I managed to finally access via the Support page - and even then info on sound quality is quite limited. TEST IT - Add further technical info and display this on the homepage!

Congratulations Aether, you’ve got a super slick site that showcases the Cone beautifully! CRO Testing would improve user experience further.



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One thought on “CRO Site of the Week:

  1. Hi James. I see what you mean about the 404’s - tried to go to ‘How is Cone’s sound quality’ which you might think is a key consideration in a music player / speaker. Broken page - ouch! As you say, not exactly confidence inspiring for the product itself.

    take care … and thanks for the review

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