run santaChristmas Landing Pages - Put The Decorations Up

Go into any high street store during December and you’ll be left in no doubt that it is well and truly ‘the silly season’. There’s guaranteed to be Christmas decorations and offers placed in every possible location. Let’s face it, … Continue reading

Waiting for the doors to openGoogle Partners Launch Event

I’ve been to quite a few Google organised events in the last five years and they never fail to surprise and thrill me, yesterday’s Google Partners Launch was no exception. In fact it raised the bar, in more ways than … Continue reading

twitter adsPromoted Tweets Launched for SMB’s

Twitter has now launched Promoted Tweets and Account Promotion for SMB’s /SME’s (Small and medium-sized businesses). After Twitter entered the stock market it was clear it would not be long until they started to monetise more areas of the business. … Continue reading

Google PartnerGoogle Partners to Replace Google Certification Program

That’s no Certification Program, it’s a replacement I can feel a great disturbance across the internet, as if millions of Adwords users have cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Ok it might not be quite as dramatic as … Continue reading

present-redChristmas Cheer for New PPC Clients

Halloween might be the holiday that’s on everyone’s minds right now but as we move into November there’s only one thing that we’ll all be thinking about. How cold and wet it is now! Oh and Christmas, always Christmas! It … Continue reading

Google-AdWords-Quality-ScoreGoogle Ad Rank Update - Ad Extensions and Formats to Factor into Quality Score

So, what exactly is happening then? Up until now the Google Ad Rank calculation has only ever used two factors when ordering ads on a search page, which were max CPC bid and the ad’s quality score. Google is changing … Continue reading

Google-AdwordsThe Basics of Google Adwords – An Introduction to Keyword Match Types

The Building Blocks As anyone who is familiar with Google Adwords will know (and even some who aren’t!) keywords are the fundamental building blocks of any successful PPC campaign. Without the ability to filter searches how are we to know … Continue reading

Keyword PlannerHow to Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Having problems with the Google Keyword Planner? Don’t worry, what you need might be right under your nose. Since the Google Keyword Planner replaced the original Keyword tool many people have criticised the new planner, however if you understand how … Continue reading AdWords with Google Analytics and GWT

Make Better Decisions by Linking AdWords with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools A few weeks ago, Google announced that a new feature has been added in AdWords which will allow you to link Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools (GWT) … Continue reading

Baul Baul2The Christmas Countdown Has Begun

Only 100 Days To Go! Forgive us for mentioning the “C” word so soon after a pretty decent summer! However, with the 100 day marker arriving, there is no better time to step your Pay Per Click advertising up a gear … Continue reading