The Christmas Countdown Has Begun


Only 100 Days To Go!

Forgive us for mentioning the “C” word so soon after a pretty decent summer! However, with the 100 day marker arriving, there is no better time to step your Pay Per Click advertising up a gear and make this your best Christmas yet!

We all know that supermarkets and the high street will start stacking shelves with advent calendars, Christmas cards, baubles and plastic trees faster than you can say “Home Alone is the best Christmas film, ever!” And, whether we like to admit it or not, this 100 day festive force-feed really does get people switched into Christmas shopping mode:

  • 50% of people will do all of their Christmas shopping between now and 30th  November~
  • 91% of shoppers bought at least one Christmas purchase online in 2012^
  • Last December people spent £4.2billion online*

So, ask yourself, how are you going to maximise online market share and smash last year’s seasonal sales?

to get you started, check out our top five PPC tips:

  1. Check your Product Listing Ad feeds - Are they healthy? Is your feed working properly? Can you take it to the next level and set up Dynamic PLA Remarketing?

  1. Plan an ad-text timeline - Cater your ads to early, normal and late shoppers – think about what people will find more or less appealing at each stage. E.g. late shoppers will want “guaranteed next day delivery” and early birds…well they might like an “early bird offer” - you decide.

  1. Do some product analysis - Think everything you have on offer will be a big hit this Christmas? Well, that might be true but try prioritising your campaigns around products that are sure to big sellers this Christmas –  i’m predicting…Rudolf onesies, new-age Furbies^^ and comedy pyjamas!

  1. Implement Remarketing – NOW! - Online shoppers are doing more research than ever before – with the interweb at our finger tips it’s easier and more portable than ever before to do a quick price/product analysis so keep reminding your visitors that you have what they need.

  1. Get all channels working together - Easily overlooked when times are busy, but taking a minute to get your social, offline and online key messages in line can really boost performance - especially at Christmas when so many other companies are throwing themselves at your audience.

Sound like a lot of hard work?!  It will be, but will also be time well invested.

If of course you think a little help from the experts will go a long way, then take advantage of our festive goodwill.

Between now and Christmas, from just £250pm management fee (instead of £500pm) we will get you up and running with a Christmas campaign, plus up to £300 FREE Google Ad Spend!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our PPC experts today and embrace the Christmas Countdown!






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