Google Partners to Replace Google Certification Program


That’s no Certification Program, it’s a replacement

I can feel a great disturbance across the internet, as if millions of Adwords users have cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Ok it might not be quite as dramatic as the destruction of Alderaan but the new Google Partners scheme which has replaced the Certification Program does bring with it some changes and implications people will want to be aware of.

Google Partner

Out With the Old…

In late September of this year Google announced that their old Certification Program would be replaced by “a new and improved experience for agencies and online marketing professionals – Google Partners.” A transitional period ending 13th November is giving companies time to adapt to this change. Google Partners encompasses many of the aspects that the Certification Program did but also introduces some new changes as well.

Some of the more significant changes revolve around how companies can become a Google Certified Partner. Previously any company that could show they were proficient with AdWords could potentially receive Google’s very welcome seal of approval.

Google Partners still requires that a company be affiliated with at least one person who is certified in AdWords before being eligible for Partner status. To be certified an individual must hold at least two Adwords certification exam passes including the Search Fundamentals Exam and one advanced exam.


the Advertising Fundamentals exam and one of the two Advanced exams are necessary for certification

…In With the New

However, in addition to this companies must now demonstrate other qualities such as good business practice, a minimum spend across their AdWords accounts and a high level of customer service. Consequently one could argue that Google Partner status is worth considerably more now, reflecting a healthy, competitive and trustworthy business in addition to AdWords proficiency.

How does this affect Google certified professionals?

  • Access to GCP is now restricted to read-only
  • A Google Partners account is required to take exams and get certified but any GCP exam history and AdWords certification status will transfer to your Partners account when you join using your GCP login
  • Taking exams and getting certified now costs nothing (previously it was US $50 per exam)
  • Any exams or certifications earned through GCP will still remain valid until their expiration dates, regardless of whether the individual joins Google Partners or not


getting certified is beneficial to both yourself and your company

How does this affect Google Certified Partner companies?

  • A Google Partners account is now required in order to manage your company’s Google Partner Search profile
  • Currently Certified Partner companies will continue to be listed on Google Partner Search until November 13, 2021
  • After November 13, 2021 a company must have qualified for the new Google Partner badge or they will no longer be listed
  • Any promotional use of the old ‘AdWords Certified Partner’ badge will not be allowed after this date
  • Being a Certified Partner now does not mean you automatically qualify for the new Partner badge


What this means for High Position

High Position is in a fantastic position (forgive the pun!) to move forward with this change to the Partner status. With several AdWords certified individuals, a wealth of experience in the field, exemplary business practices and large client base we are proud to be so closely associated with Google and feel we perfectly represent what a Google Partner should be.


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