Social Proof - TripAdvisor Example 2The Social Proof Is In The Pudding

If I have to make a big purchase, the first thing I do is conduct my own version of Market Research. I chat to friends and family, find out what they know about said purchase and use their advice to … Continue reading

ppc_top_influencersHigh Position - Making The Most Of Social Media

We all know that social media now plays a big part in our lives, whether it is staying in touch with relatives, school friends or finding out the latest news, social media is massive! The number of times I have … Continue reading

Steve Dart LinkedIn LegendLinkedIn Lead The Way In Email Marketing

HP’s CEO, Stephen Dart, feels even more special than normal today having been congratulated by LinkedIn for being one of the top 5% most viewed profiles in 2012. The world’s largest professional network (with net worth of $7.5 Billion) now … Continue reading

AssistedConversionsinGAMeasuring Social’s Impact To Your Website

So you’ve secured your social channels, you’ve branded them, and your content strategy is ready to go. You’ve spent a lot of time developing your social campaign, but how do you measure its success? Social is a notoriously fickle medium, … Continue reading

Social Media - Which Channels for Which Purpose?

If you’re serious about increasing your visibility online, narrowing your plans down to a single medium such as SEO or PPC is missing out on a massive amount of potential traffic and revenue.  It’s no secret that including social media … Continue reading

Manage Your Way to Social Media Success

Are You Being Unsocial? In 2013 the big Social Media players will continue to make inroads into online advertising with the aim of getting a piece of the Google pie. Sponsored stories on Facebook and Promoted Tweets on Twitter are … Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action: Boost SERPs with Video in 2013

Web Video Can Impact on SERPs Web video has seen some dramatic developments over the last couple of years. Previously it was standard that you needed to be a sneezing Panda, or to receive a flying skateboard square in the … Continue reading