2014 Marketing Plans - Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle


With the Christmas break fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of that knottiest of problems - your 2014 marketing plans.  It can often be a lonely task, so I asked High Position’s Head of Business Development, Dave Roscoe, for his take on the matter. Here’s what he had to say about involving an agency in your 2014 digital ‘master plan’:

Keep Perspective!

We all want to do better than last year but be realistic!  It’s good to have high expectations but how will they be achieved? Work with your agency to scope out your plan and set intermediate targets to be achieved. Whether it’s increasing your organic reach, decreasing cost per clicks in your paid search, improving conversion rates or driving down the cost per acquisition, your agency will have a wealth of experience that you can tap directly into, saving your time and money that far outweighs their fee.

Be Better, Not Bitter!

If last year hasn’t been as good as you’d hope (and let’s be honest, it’s been a tough couple of years for most) then this is the time to get positive.  But with so many algorithm updates, it’s common to think that search engines are being ‘unfair’ to you. Don’t fight them, work WITH them!  Your agency will help you keep up to date with the latest SEO developments to make sure your campaigns are both effective and future-proofed.

Give ‘em What They Want!

Be honest, does your website really talk ‘features’ or ‘benefits’?   We all know that it’s the benefits that matter to prospective clients, so why do so many websites bury these in a sea of mind-numbing drivel about how long the company’s been going and other, sometimes pointless, information.

My personal favourite? Websites that start ‘Welcome to our website’… why, why ,why?  Would you say ‘Welcome to our ad’ in a newspaper…..of course not!  Give me real reasons to do business with you and I’m far more likely to read more and ultimately buy. Of course, it’s hard writing copy for your site when you’re so close to the business, so use your agency’s expertise to create something that engages and most importantly ‘sells’.

It REALLY is Time to Get Social!

You’ve no doubt read this countless times but let’s be honest, most of us above a certain age still don’t understand the power of social media.  Chances are you set up a Facebook page a while ago and it’s still only got 37 ‘Likes’.

This is where the bright young things at your agency come into their own – ask them to explain it in simple terms and help you set the basic strategy to get you up and running.  Businesses of all types/sizes are seeing excellent returns through their social activity – don’t get left behind.

Let us know where your agency has helped you improve your ROI – we’d love to hear about your successes. Good luck with your 2014 campaigns !


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