High Position Celebrates World Book Night 2013

World Book Night 2013 is Here!

World Book Night 2013 is being celebrated tonight in the UK, Ireland and the USA and here at High Position we are proud to say we are getting involved! The annual event, now in its third year, aims to promote literacy and reading through organised events, guest speakers and a network of volunteers who hand out copies of one of their favourite books, on the day, to people who don’t regularly read.

James, Libby and Laura - Bonding over a book…sorry, couldn’t help myself!

The Importance of Great Copy

A large part of what we do at High Position is dependent on people, and search spiders, being able to read good copy on all sorts of web pages, from blogs and reviews to business profiles and product details. Because these areas take up a large part of our working day the majority of reading that many of our guys do is industry related or technical. As Laura Hands, one of our SEO & PPC Account Managers says, “I don’t read as much fiction as I used to. World Book Night 2013 is a good reminder that there’s nothing like reading a good novel to relax and learn new ideas at the same time.”
And new ideas are what we’re always looking for here at High Position, particularly in the area of content.

Telling Stories

Content has always been an integral part of our approach here at High Position, a fact that is more pertinent today than it has ever been, as SEO Consultant Chris Green explains.  “The digital marketing world has often been thought of as ruthless and lacking in integrity, however, the focus on substance, on great accessible content is central to this push of making sure that marketing is actually about giving the audience what they want – this is often something as straight forward as a great story!”

Great Content and World Domination

The book we’ve been given is a modern classic, Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. For anyone reading this who has been living under a rock for the last 60 years it’s the book that introduced the world to James Bond, OO7, the most famous and most lucrative name in espionage. As well as being a great story in itself, the book plays an important part in a much larger narrative involving politicians, ground breaking technology, lawsuits, 2.5 billion TV and Video viewers, an international marketing machine and huge companies hell-bent on world domination…sound familiar?

James feels a little uncomfortable as he gets to the ‘carpet-beater’ scene.

Using the Right Words

Without labouring the point, the internet and the James Bond franchise both began life as very simple ideas and are now omnipresent. The internet might have taken less time to get to that point, but one of the major driving forces behind Bond and the Web is great content.
It’s worth remembering that if the words are right, and they connect with the audience, then anything is possible.

To get involved with World Book Night 2013 visit www.worldbooknight.org or follow @WorldBookNight