Calculate the CPA of your online and offline campaigns

It’s no secret that many companies struggle to attain accurate Cost per Acquisition figures. A lot of the time this boils down to bad tracking but also, worryingly, is often because they just don’t know how to get to the … Continue reading

Google Analytics Universal AnalyticsGet the most from Google Analytics in 2013

Back in early November we were fortunate enough to spend 2 days at Google HQ in California attending their annual Analytics conference, a unique opportunity to speak with industry experts about the new features and ideas coming to the product … Continue reading

GACPimage1Universal Analytics - GACP Summit Day 1 Announcements

We’re GACP and proud! We here at High Position have been GACP partners for the last 4 years. Once again, two intrepid members of  our team are braving the wonderous sunrise view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and struggling through … Continue reading

GACPRobotHigh Position Hit Google Global HQ In California

Two of our top geeks are in transit to Google’s Global HQ for the Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit, send us your questions to put to Google. Continue reading