Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 14.24.084 New Demographic Reports Bring Opportunity For Savvy Marketers

Today we saw the introduction of 4 new reports within Google Analytics focussing on demographic information about our audience. The new reports give us access to new information about our visitors such as… Age Gender Affinity to a particular category … Continue reading AdWords with Google Analytics and GWT

Make Better Decisions by Linking AdWords with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools A few weeks ago, Google announced that a new feature has been added in AdWords which will allow you to link Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools (GWT) … Continue reading

Data, y u no big?Help! My data has a size complex!

Big data: it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. Big data will solve all your problems! You have some big data right? Out the back? I think it’s in that box under Sarah’s desk. First … Continue reading

E-Mail Tracking - You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong

If you’ve ever sent out an email or a newsletter to your clients, I hope you tracked the links through Google Analytics! Now this is the point where people usually say “no, but we tracked it using this other software … Continue reading

tablet-transIs Mobile Traffic Replacing The Desktop?

You’ve probably heard the hype around Mobile website traffic lately, every time we visit Google they go on and on about smartphones. We’ve been ramping up our mobile efforts for over a year already, but we’ve been wondering lately, what … Continue reading

5 E-Commerce Dashboards for Internet Marketers

Google Analytics dashboards are a quick and easy way to keep your clients up to date with their most important business metrics. Below are 5 E-commerce specific dashboards we use at High Position, and you can quickly install and share with … Continue reading

Click to view full sizeMulti-Channel Funnels - 90 Day Look-back Is Here!

I arrived at work this morning, opened my inbox, and quelle surprise! a lovely treat from Google sitting right there! Google Analytics have announced that the look-back period within the Multi-Channel Funnel reports have been extended to 90 days before conversions, … Continue reading

segmenting-your-usersGA Segmentation Tips: Find Your Best Customers!

On the face of it, Google Analytics can be bit daunting for new users who aren’t analytically minded. There’s a lot of data at your fingertips but, unless you know how to use it, you might be making poor decisions … Continue reading

For this client we can clearly see that the weekends are not an optimal time to be running adsClearer Insights Today - 4 Free Custom Reports

If like me you spend half of your waking hours staring at Google Analytics then you’ll know that GA doesn’t have many of the reports you would like it to. I get asked daily about finding key information that isn’t … Continue reading

How Will You Measure Success In 2013?

If you are not measuring your website against your business objectives, you’re doing yourself and your website a disservice. Tracking key performance indicators aligned with your business objectives is fundamental to understanding and recognising your website’s true value and potential. … Continue reading