Imagine if Brighton SEO took over the pier...Tips and Takeaways from Brighton SEO 2013

It’s that time of the year again, where us Colchester lot make a bit of an early morning exodus to Brighton for the highly anticipated Brighton SEO conference! Last year’s event had a lot of good takeaways, with some very … Continue reading

dreamfoundation_invertHigh Position Raise £405 for The Dream Foundation - Well Done James

High Position have continued their charity work by donating £405 to The Dream Foundation. On Friday 22nd March we attended The Dream Foundation charity auction as VIP guest of Zoe Jackson (The Founder and Managing Director of Living The Dream … Continue reading

Donate - Purple ButtonHigh Position’s invoices now raise money for local charities

We’ve got something to announce that we are rather delighted about - we like to think we’re an extremely charitable lot here at High Position. Many of our team members are actively involved in charity work and we regularly hold fund … Continue reading