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Google AdWords for Video & YouTube

Did you know YouTube is the World's
second biggest Search Engine?

Google owns YouTube so it's no coincidence that advertising on that particular platform is very easy. If you have video content on your site, or even video from other TV activity, then you can use YouTube to engage people with your brand, products or services.

Who will my video be shown to?

Using targeting methods not dissimilar to those in standard search, you'll be able to put your video content in front of people based on keyword searches, topics and even demographic. You have the same ability to optimise and fine tune your video advertising as you do with your text ads in search.

What can I expect to get from advertising on YouTube?

There are several reasons for using YouTube, aside from the fact that it's the second biggest search engine in the world it's also an important element of social activity on the internet. You'll be able to measure the number of people who watched your video, and see if they shared your content. You can then direct those viewers to your YouTube channel or back to your website.

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“A whole generation has now grown up not knowing the thrill of dial up, they expect more from the web than ever before, this applies to advertising as much as it does everything else. So it makes sense to use dynamic platform like GDN and YouTube to deliver cutting edge content.” Michael Scanlon, Head of Paid Search

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