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Remarketing and Retargeting

Will people remember your site
after they've visited?

What is Remarketing?

There are plenty of reports, including ones you can find in your own Google Analytics account, that will show you how many visitors to your site a) leave and never come back and b) fail to convert on their first visit. The numbers can be alarmingly high, especially as users become more and more likely to browse and shop around online.

Remarketing allows you to put your ads in front of people who have already visited your site and give them further reason to re-visit and convert. It's like seeing who's visited your high street shop and then putting billboards and incentives in front of them wherever they go afterwards.

What's involved?

An updated piece of Google Analytics code is all that is needed to be implemented on your site. Then your site will start to generate a list of IP addresses you can remarket to. Lists can be flexible depending on your market - being able to target people for as little as 30 days to 12 months. Depending on your traffic levels, that could be thousands of people that you have a second chance to win back. What you choose to show these people is also flexible - incentives and offers work well to entice people back and you can use all platforms from text ads to video.

“Most of your effort is put towards getting a visitor to the site. Without remarketing in place it's almost as if you're not following up on that effort and creating a genuine consumer-brand relationship.” Richard Price - PPC/CRO Account Manager,
User Experience Specialist

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