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Paid Search Advertising for Mobile Devices

How Much of Your Website
Traffic comes from Mobile?

Mobile has been the buzz word in Paid Search circles for some time now and that's because mobile traffic is the fastest growing area in online traffic in terms of devices used. A quick look at your Google Analytics reports will tell you how much of your traffic is coming from mobile sources. At High Position we've seen some of our clients' mobile traffic grow from 5% to 50% in less than 12 months.

Understanding how your audience uses Mobile

Knowing your audience a few years ago meant understanding who bought your product and what they were likely to search for. The advent of Mobile has added another level to that information and it's now important to know what devices your audience use to browse the Internet, when and how they use them! Using Google Analytics you can pick out trends and "hot spots" in mobile usage to understand behaviour - and make the most of it!

Building search campaigns for Mobile users

Google's new Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords cater better for mobile campaigns than ever before. It is easy to take into account what a mobile user will respond to, where and when they will best respond and how they will best interact with your mobile presence. Mobile ads can generate a direct response through telephone calls, or send traffic via pages on your site that are designed with mobile devices in mind.

But I don't have a mobile website!

It's not necessary to have a mobile optimised site to tap into the mobile audience, but obviously it helps. Depending on your circumstances High Position can help you optimise from mobile whether you opt for a complete mobile website build or opt for a niche, paid search campaign which makes the most of your current resources.

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“I look at Paid Search for mobile as a completely different product. The messages need to be different, the targeting is different and the way to get results is different. Understanding these differences and building new campaigns is, at the end of the day, what gets results.” James Root - Head of CRO, Sport & Leisure Specialist

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