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Interactive Content Marketing

At High Position we recognise the importance of interactive content and the role it can play within Digital Marketing campaigns. Our Content Marketing team, named ICE (Interactive Content Engine) curate innovative, memorable and engaging content marketing strategies that deliver national recognition.

Proof It Works
4,599 hrsBrand Exposure
21kPage Views
13m 14sAVG. Time on Page
2,565Cities Reached
1,787Social Shares
124Organic Backlinks

Interactive Content Engine

Our evergreen content that takes content marketing to a whole new level: we create content that grabs people and doesn't let go! It builds trust, advocacy and brand strength. People spend hours engaging with it and come back for more – True brand amplification.

The days of dull, text only content strategies are gone; there are more than 2 million blog posts published every day, most are uninspiring and just languish in obscurity. There is only one way to cut through this mass and that is with something fresh, new and different.

is easier to share
adds real value
makes you more noticeable
makes you easier to find

Interactive Content, No Matter the Industry

We can create compelling content, no matter what the subject matter, aims and KPI’s: There is no such thing as a dull industry! Our content marketing covers a wide range of industries and we’re certain that there is no industry that we cannot create exciting content for; even in the most competitive areas of digital marketing such as recruitment, finance, property and many more industries that are challenging to market.

Remember that search engines such as Google are measuring content interaction, shares, mentions, citations, links and much more.

Building Business
With Content

The most important goal of any content strategy is to get the attention of audiences, whether they are existing customers or new ones. Once you have their attention, wow them, get them to interact with you - compel them to take action. That action should be in the form of interaction, social sharing, commenting, engaging again and again, purchasing and in turn brand building.

Your content should be as captivating long after it was first published, it should still be working hard, pulling in more and more people as time goes by.

At High Position, our content marketing strategies are truly evergreen and we can prove it, for example our World Cup 2014 piece is so good it is still scoring goals months after the event finished. During the World Cup it had more than 100,000 interactions measured by social engagements, links, mentions, shares and actual on-page actions.

See For Yourself!
Content “sells” when customers aren’t buying
Timeless Content never dies
Content increases potential for interaction

ICE In Action

Famous World Cup
Penalty Shootouts
For the World Cup we created an interactive game to demonstrate how ICE would work, receiving high acclaim from national and international press.
See It Live Read the Case Study
The Bodybuilding
Hall of Fame
Tasked with creating a content hub which would grow overtime, we developed a Hall of Fame which provided an experience like no other.
See it Live
Express WatchesTasked with adding some depth to a history of diving watches we provided Express Watches with a deep content experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
See it Live
Super BowlEverything is bigger in the USA, and nothing comes bigger than the Super Bowl – so we didn’t just stop at one piece of interactive content to celebrate one of the largest events in the sporting calendar!
See it Live
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