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Adwords Campaing Setup

Give yourself a PPC head start

We often speak to organisations who have “had a go” at DIY PPC but we also often find that clients who seek our expertise from day one get a head start in PPC — saving them the pain of wasting budget on simply not knowing the tricks of the trade. If you have already got the basics we can also quote a set-up cost to review your campaign and use it as a foundation for a professionally built account.

We're thorough and fool proof

Instead of pigeon holing organisations into set packages, we look at each and every client individually. We take time and care to do our research and figure out which strategy would be the best starting point for you. We will research the market place, the keywords you should consider bidding on and look at who is already targeting them. We will then work with your budget and implement a specific targeting strategy in order to deliver great Return On Investment, from day one!

All of our set-up accounts are hand built by your PPC Account Manager, using their research and expertise to create at least three ads per ad group and the agreed number of campaigns necessary to get your account kick started. We will also keep the account in a tidy, organised manner ready for monthly management.

“I'm proud of the work we do here at High Position. Helping people understand what Paid Search Marketing is all about and then enabling those same people to explore opportunities they would never have dreamed of before is extremely rewarding.“ Michael Scanlon, Head of Paid Search

It's onwards and upwards from here!

Once an account has been reviewed or built from scratch we can recommend a monthly management package which is based on your monthly Google Ad Spend. As your account develops and grows we can also work through a range of bolt-ons from Remarketing to YouTube advertising, helping you stay ahead of the competition and get the most out of your PPC budget.

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