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Display Advertising

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a network of thousands of different websites, covering all industry sectors, which accept text and banner advertising through Google AdWords. It is possible to target relevant content and demographics on the GDN in a way that can create brand awareness, lead to improved performance through all traffic sources and, ultimately, generate business.

Isn't it a bit Hit & Miss?

The Google Display Network, if we're being honest, has a chequered past. Nobody doubts the idea behind putting your business, in the form of paid ads, on websites that are closely linked to your products or services, but the way this is achieved has never been entirely satisfactory...until now.

Improved Targeting on GDN

The targeting options available through the Display Network today are a huge improvement on what they were just two years ago. Demographic targeting is now an option, placements are now easier to identify and manage, and audience behaviour has led to targeting by theme (audience & topics) being a worthwhile consideration.

Keyword Driven Display Campaigns

Perhaps the biggest leap forward in 2012 though, was the arrival of keyword driven display campaigns. This now means that you can take your best performing keywords from search campaigns and use them to underpin your display campaigns. This gives you better visible control than ever before and, wherever High Position have used it, there have been measurable improvements.

How much will I have to invest?

Google Display Networks can be surprisingly cost effective - we can use their sophisticated ad builder tool to create visually pleasing ads as an alternative option to paying for your designer to especially create. Cost Per Click is generally cheaper than search ads and Cost Per 1000 Impressions will be possibly the cheapest around. With the sophisticated targeting you can also used strict targeting to make the most of your budget - no matter how big or small it is.

“The challenge to a designer, in relation to the Display Network, is not only to stand out from the crowd but to get a message across that initiates engagement on a personal level. Of course it's all about pretty pictures, but anticipating what a viewer will react to is ultimately what turns impressions into visits.”

Richard Price - PPC/CRO Account Manager

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